Happy Hour [15/5/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

The draw of Happy Hour isn’t just half priced drinks, there’s also the cheap eats. What are some of your favorite bar snacks? Are you all about wings and rings, nachos, or something more refined?

Recently my choice of nibbles is this Street Corn Dip from a local restaurant – Elote topped with Cotija cheese, jalapenos , and sour cream, served with chips. Just spicy enough for a lightweight like me, and I can pretend it’s somewhat healthy because it’s got veggies in it.



  1. sahara nuts… if they have one of those machines at the bar ill be there all night…getting dehydrated by hot salty nuts…and then rehydrating with beer…wich doesnt really work..lol
    MOAR NUTS!… also another pint pls

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