Happy Hour [15/7/22]

I need a drink

I’ve got a fun weekend planned. It’s Harry Dean Stanton Fest, a popular local event honoring the late legend and former Lexington resident. I’m a big Harry Dean fan and am excited about its post-lockdown, in person return. This year’s screenings are Christine, Stars and Bars, Where the Lilies Bloom, The Hostage, and the great Paris, Texas, followed by a Q & A with director Allison Anders, another Kentucky native.

Talk about your favorite Harry Dean Stanton role, what you’ve got going on, or anything at all.



  1. ive never heard of harry dean stanton….tho ive seent him before….im just shit with names and faces

    my bigly weekend plan….is finding a paddling pool…or a big plastic tub….and filling it with ice cubes before parking myself in it

    hmmm…i should mount said paddling pool or tub on a couple dollys so i can use a big stick to push me around town singing o sole mio

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