Happy Hour [17/12/21]

I need a drink

Have you ever made a Gingerbread House? I tried once with my daughter when she was little. I lacked both the patience and skill for it to be a very good experience. And I’ve never been tempted to try again. Until this year when I came across the Miller High Life Dive Bar Kit.

I think I’ve been to this bar.

…the ready-to-assemble bar comes with Miller High Life-infused “wall” pieces, a tiny pool table with miniature pretzel cues, hanging lights with gumdrop shades, peppermint bar stools, and even a pair of little cornhole boards underneath a peppermint-supported pergola. And the best part, the kit includes packets of Vermont maple syrup to drizzle across the Miller High Life-branded floor.

Sadly, it’s sold out. It’s probably for the best. I don’t think I would have done any better this time.

I can always enjoy the pics from the National Gingerbread House Competition instead.

What are you drinking this evening, Deadsplinters? Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, maybe a Gingerbread Stout?



  1. Every year my wife buys these kits to make little gingerbread houses and as a family we each decorate one.  We use all the hard candy leftover from previous Halloweens that litter a drawer in our kitchen and colored frostings.  They all take it pretty seriously but I usually make something out of a horror movie or Tim Burton nightmare.  I’ll have to wait a few hours for happy hour, going wine tasting with some friends before going to their place to help them make space in their wine cellar.

    • I was hoping that it’s the kits that were at fault but I guess not *sigh*
      I know that my impatience is to blame. Like today I had a major cookie fail because I didn’t chill my dough. And it was an expensive fail. 🤬

  2. packets of Vermont maple syrup to drizzle across the Miller High Life-branded floor

    OK, that’s someone who has really thought this through.

    That gingerbread stout sounds great, but with that much alcohol and spices they should sell it in 4 ounce cans instead of 16 ounces.

    • Miller doesn’t make a good beer but their marketing department kicks ass. My brother used to work for them and he said it was a fun place to work. The pay was decent and they held lots of contest with prizes like trips,paddle boards, kayaks, and things. That was a long time ago though.   I don’t know if they still do any of that.That stout is for sharing I guess.

  3. My local store finally got some Rogue Dead Guy Ale back in stock, so I’m having one of those.  My kid spent the day at home, after some asshole accepted the Tik Tok “challenge.”  Seriously, do those assholes have any community standards or moderators, or anything?

  4. Well, one of our dogs had surgery this week.  I need some more Dead Guy Ale, but if I leave the dog alone, Mrs. Lemmy will be irritated.  Guess I’ll have to dip into some Larceny Loch Lomond Scotch.

      • He’s practically himself again, but he’s pretty pathetic in the cone he has to wear.  This afternoon I tossed him a bite-sized treat which he missed, and it landed in the cone.  He could not figure out how to get it out.  I laughed my ass off.

  5. i got a fancy winter beer from my german side shop co workers..lol


    its tempting me atmo

    i mean…its made in part of caramel hell….thats just ridiculously tempting

    yes yes..i know hell is just german for lager

    doesnt make shit like this less funny tho

    (sadly the town of fucking…is now called…fugging…or something….people kept stealing the signs)

    anyways…i think ill save the special beer for a little closer to christmas….i has plenty regulal beer left

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