Happy Hour 17/3/21

As far as I’m aware, there is zero Irish blood running through my veins. But I’m not about to let a little thing like lack of heritage keep me from enjoying St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a fun, stress-free holiday and easy to celebrate at home during a pandemic. An Irish Coffee or two, soda bread, some drinking songs, and an appropriate movie are all I need. If you want to get a little fancier, you could try the Shamrock Cocktail suggested by @MemeWeaver.

What are you drinking today in honor of the Emerald Isle, Guinness Stout, a Harp, Irish Breakfast Tea, McDonald’s Shamrock Shake?



  1. its friday! yaaaaaay!
    wait a minute…. 

    i expect this kind of deception from lemmy…but you blindsided me
    anyways…im drinking milk….gonna take me a while to get used to that one

  2. …when you say “potato vodka” I sort of assume they mean poitín…but maybe they don’t?

    …either way that stuff is lethal…I have no idea if it’s true but I was told by an irish guy one time that some years back when the stuff was very much illegal & there was very much a hard border between eire & NI that the legal penalties for crossing it with poitín were steeper than if you ran guns across it

    …what I can vouch for is that it gets folks very drunk indeed on surprisingly small quantities…& that it’s one of those odd spirits that does the thing where the alcohol forms sort of crystals or something that turn your liver into a time-bomb

    …having watched a classic “never mind dat bollox, pass that bottle over ‘ere & I’ll show yous how it’s done” segue into the would-be hard drinker passed out splayed across a piano stool near instantaneously (…to be fair to the lad we’d all been drinking for hours before our host had produced this small bottle & offered a cap-full to anyone who fancied a not-even-a-whole-shot)…when he came to the next day with a crushing hangover we non-irish types who didn’t know any better hopped to & brought him a good pint or two of water before anyone could tell us not to

    …poor lad was bouncing-off-the-walls drunk all day & hungover all over again the next morning…over 24hrs after the last drop of booze passed his lips…& once we’d got over how funny that was at the time we were of course suitably apologetic

  3. I’m drinking the slow cooker juice from my corned beef.
    Here’s a question — what are the odds that stupid little spice packet does anything at all? Corned beef by itself is so strong tasting that I can’t believe a teaspoon of random bits in the cooking water does anything to a big hunk of corned beef. I’ve made it without bothering and don’t recall the slightest difference.

    • I’ve never made it myself but I’m sure one of the FYCE authors can answer that question for you. 

      As for drinking the juice – I used to be a bartender and had a regular who thought it was funny to  order beef daiquiris. Until I made one complete with a slice of beef rolled up on a cocktail pick. 😁

  4. I don’t do anything special for St. Patrick’s day, because I am Irish.  This is a day when everybody else who isn’t Irish wishes they were, for some stupid reason.  Nobody wears pins that say, “Kiss me, I’m Mexican” on Cinco de Mayo.

  5. I like when they dye the Chicago river green, because it’s pretty. But I don’t really drink and I think corned beef is gross (more for you all). So not much for me in this day! I am trying to decide if 7:30 is too early for bed…

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