Happy Hour [17/4/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

Who doesn’t enjoy dinner and a show? This adorable groundhog casually watches the residents of a Philadelphia home while enjoying a slice. I like to think he was humming Kenny Loggins’ I’m Allright while munching away.

Have you seen any good animal videos this week?



    • Poor, sweet, DUMB, calves! The catto prob’ly smells like milk (lots of dairy farmers give barn cats some milk as a treat for the work they do keeping mice & other animal pests away).

      I’m sure the cat loves it, ‘cuz cow tongues are rough like a giant cat-tongue, but those poor, poor calves!😆😂🤣

      The one on the left keeps going back, like it’s fiiiiinally gonna get something to eat, then pulling back like “WTF?!???” when it gets a mouthful of cat-head, instead!🤣🤣🤣

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