Happy Hour [17/7/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

By now everyone knows Washington’s NFL team is finally changing it’s name. According to NBC News the new name and logo will be revealed in the next few days. Indian Country Today (shout out to EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme for turning me on to this resource) has highlighted some examples of non racist mascots being used around the world, including Speedy the Geoduck from Evergreen State College.

I’m disappointed that they didn’t mention Key West HS – home of the Fighting Conchs.

There must be other off the wall mascots that they, and I are unaware of. Did your school have a less traditional mascot? Or have you heard of something truly outlandish? Let’s hear about it.



          • i grew up with him…nothing but fun memories
            so initially..i was actually in camp..wtf are people suddenly all offended about…its a kids fun time party and thats all it is..
            (me being lilly white and growing up in the sticks may have also got something to do with that….i think i saw my first black person when i was 11….)
            yeah but blackface…pretty much shut me up tho…i mean..cant argue that..
            or at least…thats what i figured…. i mean.. make him purple pete or some shit… the kids wont give a fuck..and we’ll stop offending a good chunk of our own and the worlds population…maybe even learn a lesson… fucking easy
            but…no… apparently what we are going to do…is have a whole bunch of protests and riots for and against him and… uhh well..thats about it…actually… the whole country is divided about wether or not black pete is racist..(you dont want to know how often ive heard its not racist its tradition here) and we are going to argue about that shit forever….instead of just letting the kids have their happy happy fun time without a black pete…

            this should not have been a hard thing to fix..
            black pete makes me think either im fucking crazy…or everyone else is

  1. So…that Conch mascot looks more like something else that starts with a “c”.
    As for the weirdest mascot in the history of mascots, you can’t beat the New Orleans Pelican’s King Cake Baby. I’d post a picture here, but I don’t think WordPress allows us to do that. Trust me, it’s hideous.

  2. Interestingly enough, a Florida fighting conch is an actual species of conch (in other words, fighting isn’t just an adjective that the team added, like the Fighting Irish). They’re pretty peaceful as a rule. But they can flee quickly from predators, which is apparently how they got the name. 

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