Happy Hour [17/9/21]

I need a drink

It’s Negroni Week. And while my city isn’t participating in this worthy charity fundraiser, I’m happy for any excuse to rewatch my celebrity boyfriend, Stanley Tucci, mix one.

You may have heard that Tucci had a frightening brush with cancer. I am pleased to say that he is now disease-free. To your health, Stanley. And to yours, my good Deadsplinters. What are you drinking to this afternoon?



  1. im drinking to…..actually having something to do this weekend…i mean its just gardening and moving stuff but still…. painter came by…apparently hes painting all the wood out front and back monday….i need to clear the space for him…but hey landlords footing the bill so whoop free paintjob..lol
    other than that i had some on the job entertainment as one of my anti vaxxers absolutely lost his shit at my team lead…accusing him of shit talking about him behind his back and calling the guy many names…looked about ready to take a swing at him a couple times too (now that would have been fun to see… mr antivax is a big muscly tatted up dude….. but my team lead is ex army..12 years infantry…doesnt look like hes let himself get out of shape since either…suspect it wouldnt have gone well for mr antivax)
    anyways… team lead didnt take the bait…just stalled the guy long enough for the big boss to turn up and insist everyone talk it out in an office….
    professionals are no fun…lol

    • Puttering in the garden on a nice fall day is worth raising a glass too. And a fresh coat of paint before winter is pretty nice too. Cheers!

  2. Cheers!

  3. I don’t care for Negronis but I wouldn’t kick Stanley Tucci out of bed for eating crackers. 

    • His wife is a very lucky woman. 

      • Stanley Tucci is also going to be 61 in a couple of months. I didn’t look that good when I was 31.

        • I don’t know how he eats the way he seems to and still has a body like that.

          • Did you know that Stanley Tucci is married to Felicity Blunt, high-powered London literary agent? I didn’t until recently. Her sister is Emily Blunt and she (Emily) is married to John Krasinski. It’s a whole constellation of celebrityhood!

            • Yes, but clearly and objectively, Felicity married the stud of the bunch. 

              • That’s for sure, Tucci is a  bona  fide Zaddy.

            • I did. It’s a very sweet, though sad, story. She fixed them up after his wife’s death. 

          • We could ponder whether Italians are genetically predisposed to handling carb-heavy diets better than the rest of us? (Making it all at home with his culinary skills surely helps, too.)

            • There might be some validity to this. We have several Italian friends of varying ages (30+ to almost 70) and Every.Single.One of them is probably within 5 pounds (2.268 kg) of their ideal weight.

              They all live in America, and they’re not exercise-obsessed, so I don’t know how they do it.

              They’ve had us over for meals and I don’t notice any portion control. I cook for them and I’ve seen them eat as much as I do. About half the time I make something Italian (“Italian”) if at least one of them is game to help me along and provide advice, so that my substitutions would fairly mimic what you would find in la patria and I don’t embarrass myself.

              It’s baffling.

  4. I didn’t know Negronis got a whole week, but how can I say no? That’s what I’m having. Minus the orange, which I don’t have.
    Obviously Big Campari’s army of lobbyists can pull a lot of strings and throw its muscle around.

    • I’m not a gin drinker but Stanley Tucci says I can substitute Vodka so it’s a Negroni for me too. I’ve fallen for Big Campari’s marketing.

      • Campari is so potent tasting that I find the gin doesn’t matter so much for my taste, but I’m sure people can see otherwise as they do when it comes to these things.

  5. Speaking of gin, I just whipped up a batch of gin rickeys. They are gin ‘n tonics except you use club soda instead of tonic water. Better Half, who is the main gin drinker in the family, said, “So this is different. Which celebrity–“

    “F. Scott Fitzgerald. He thought that by drinking gin people wouldn’t smell it on his breath.”

    Deep sigh and an eyeroll, but he didn’t say no and we’re both now on our second.


    • I just learned that tonic water and club soda are two different things. After a quick internet search I now know way more than I ever wanted to know about two extremely gross things instead of one extremely gross thing. Now I can spread the hate between two things. Sparkling water, YOU’RE NEXT!

      • A gin rickey is sometimes made with seltzer or sparkling water instead of club soda. 

        To avoid all this watery nonsense, I’d advise a gin martini. Do what I do: chill the gin and the biggest martini glass you can find. Say to the glass, “Who needs the French anyway?”, forgo the vermouth, fill with gin, and add olives on a toothpick.

        • …if you had angostura bitters you could make a pink gin

          …apparently that was a fairly common drink  in my grandparents’ day…which may be why they tended to view “the modern generation” as lacking in stamina…neat gin (with or without bitters) is a bit much for me

          …I’ll stick to the scotch

          • Man…. I read that as langostino bitters at first and was like what the fucking fuck they make bitters out of SEAFOOD???

      • @myopicprophet I’m not really a fan of either but I can drink club soda. Tonic is gross.

        • Tonic water itself is gross on its own. If you’re in a social situation where it would look odd if you weren’t drinking (like happy hour with your work group and there’s a drinking culture) an old trick is to order a club soda with a slice of lime. Those are actually pretty tasty. Better Half used to do this at an old job (he wanted to keep his wits about him in the shark pool) and he got a clear-eyed view of just how pathetic so many people, including his boss, and his boss’s boss, were. He left after about a year, having been recruited to somewhere else.

  6. Welp, I have the fixings for a negroni…even the oranges. Alas, I have the bad vermouth brand.

  7. Yum Stanley Tucci 

    I don’t care about negronis but if Stanley made me one I would drink it and ask for another. 

    • Absolutely, anything to keep him around for as long as possible.

  8. I’m late to a Tucci themed Happy Hour 😭😭😭 but I have a perfectly good excuse. I was watching Stanley “Italian on both sides” Tucci: Searching for Italy. I was going to save this for the Brain Drain but when in Rome 😜… I know that cooking/food tasting shows are super annoying with all the “mmmm this is the most life changing X that I’ve ever eaten” but I could watch Tucci eat and say that on an infinite loop and not be annoyed. Food, sights, Italian hospitality and Tucci leisurely strolling by in tight trousers.He does not disappoint in any way. 
    Re: Italian genes, he mentions that he has the metabolism of a teenager. I choose to believe that also applies to stamina 😉 

  9. Such a good show, and I can’t get enough Stanley Tucci.

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