Happy Hour [18/11/22]

I need a drink

Thanksgiving is next week in the US, kicking off the holiday travel season. 47% of Americans are planning trips. Thankfully, I will not be among them. Pre Covid I made the annual trek home, driving or flying, depending on where we were living. I miss seeing my family, but I’m happy not to have additional complications at an already busy time of year. Which intrepid Deadsplinters are hitting the road? Are you visiting family or taking a well-earned vacation? Make sure you have a backup plan and do not throw away your rental agreement!



  1. no thanksgiving here so i aint going no where……which is good coz i hate public transport and am currently lacking a working bike

    we do since fairly recently have black friday….. which is wierd….coz we have no thanksgiving

    all the adds on the radio are annoying as fuck…..

    but…as we dont have a thanksgiving to worry about….and we’re all greedy bastards here….we’ve slightly expanded black friday

    its the black friday weeks now….2 of them

    where all the adds tell you how many $ discount you get on an item….but not what the actual price is

    its almost as annoying as christmas

    • I hope Santa brings you a new bike.
      Black Friday is bullshit. I’ve found better deals before and after.
      Do you ever travel for Christmas or New Years?

      • used to… when we lived in england it was travel to the netherlands to spend christmas and new years with my family and once we moved here it was travel to england to spend christmas and new years with the missusses family

        but butween the rona and the relationship falling apart its been a few years since i travelled for christmas…you know…further than to my mums for xmas dinner and maybe a sleep over


  2. We used to go to my wife’s family’s Thanksgiving in California but thankfully that tradition has ended.  Before my dad passed, it was to my sister’s house in Houston which was AWFUL!!!  This year my wife’s brother and family are coming here which will be nice.  I went to the store today to get the first round of shopping done in case stuff becomes hard to get at the last minute.  Got most of the big things but I am sure we will do more shopping over the next few days as we figure out what we don’t have.  Stocked up on wine but may have to check it out for quality control purposes this evening.


  3. No serious travel, just an hour or so in a car. I have to spend Thankgiving with my mother-in-law. It’s going to be awful. She’s going to complain and bitch and generally make everyone else miserable. My wife, daughter, and I would rather eat nails than go do this, but if we don’t, nobody will. The nasty old woman will be all alone and then she’ll be even more awful the next time we go there. We’ve tried bringing food, cooking food there, and taking her out, but she’s determined to be miserable so it doesn’t really matter what we do. So we go to a restaurant because at least then we’re not shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

    My family’s going to gather at my sister’s house. I’m jealous.

  4. It’s just typically me and my parents and they live about 15 minutes away.

    I will add that the night before Thanksgiving is amateur night for “how drunk can people get because they’re visiting family they don’t like” so please be extra careful if you’re driving anywhere Wednesday night.

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