Happy Hour [18/6/21]

I need a drink

Today is

Catch a fish, use it to make sushi, eat it on a picnic while wearing flip flops. Try not to panic when you realize the sushi you just ate had gone bad in the hot sun. No? You got a better idea of how to spend happy hour today? Share it in the comments. Cheers!



  1. We will be celebrating International Sushi Day a little late–Sunday–but we plan to make up for it by eating a shitload.

    • I’m not a vegan but I only eat vegan sushi. I’m too squeamish to eat raw fish. I will eat ceviche though.

      • I had to ease my way into it.  Mrs. Butcher tricked me into eating sushi when we were first seeing each other.  She asked me if I liked “Japanese” food and I said I did because I was thinking teriyaki stir frys.  She then leaves for a bit and comes back with some to go boxes.  I open mine up, and pause.

        “This looks suspiciously like sushi.”

        (smiling mischievously, she says) “It’s Japanese food.”

        What she got me was a California Roll, which is just rice, dried seaweed paper, cooked crab and cucumber.  So, super basic and nothing that would instantly turn me off.  That’s all the sushi I could bring myself to eat for probably a year, but eventually I started to branch out into other things which included a little raw fish here and there, until eventually I was full-tilt into sashimi.  The whole process probably took about two years, but the student became the teacher and it was my turn to bring her along into the glories of raw fish.

        • Not to start this fight again but…California rolls are called that because they have avocado.  

        • Lol, that was smart and sneaky of her. In a good way.

  2. We do sushi for almost every special event but today my youngest is taking me out for a late lunch of Korean fried chicken but I have no doubt I will catch up with everyone.  Yesterday I picked up some Cloudburst Refracted Light & some Revision Reno as Fuck so I’m ready for the weekend.  

    • I’ve never eaten Korean fried chicken. Maybe now that the restaurants are open again I’ll have to do something about that.

  3. I’m at me mums watching England v Scotland with a couple beers during a thunderstorm
    Is it a better way to spend happy hour?
    Eh I dunno….but it’s a pretty good way to spend it 

    • Sounds like an excellent way to me. We have storms in the forecast for later this evening. I don’t much like beer but I’ve got plenty of other stuff to sip on.

      • I considered dragging an absolutely ancient bourdaux out of the cabinet
        Must have been there for at least fifteen years
        But..it’d be just some wine to me 
        At the end of the day…I’m a lager lout

        • having read the definition…im actually just a partial lager lout nowadays
          i used to fight a lot…but then i broke ties with that life
          took up muay thai…it made me fully realize the amount of damage a me size person could do swinging in anger
          im just loud and offensive now

  4. Hi @Hannibal! I’m off to make cocktails and dinner.

  5. I’m sure whatever you’re making and mixing will be wonderful!

  6. I am officially fully vaxxed and took the day off in order for it to happen. I’m celebrating the same way I celebrate pretty much the end of every work day, Saturdays for having the day off, and Sundays for “oh shit it’s Monday soon” with some beer…I can’t stand Bud Light but I’m really liking Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade.

    • Very happy you are fully vaxxed, wish I could say the same about your drink selections.  I thought I raised you better than this.

      • @loveshaq in my defense I used to always believe, wholeheartedly, that if a beer requires fruit it’s just shitty beer. Until one time I was convinced to try a Corona with a lime wedge. I loved it! Fast forward a few years…Miller came out with “Miller Chill” (lime flavoured MGD) and I was left at a trailer in a very secluded area of Vancouver Island visiting a friend who was working for the day when I noticed a case of Miller Chill. I thought I’d give it a try. They were GOOD! All of them! Then  Anheuser-Busch came out with Bud Light Lime and Miller stopped making Miller Chill. I am still angry about it, but this Strawberry Lemonade is slowly making up for it. Don’t ruin it for me. Go enjoy your fake IPA at Burly Bros Brewing Brewskie and zip it!

    • Congratulations on being fully valued, Myo–that’s AWESOME!😁😁😁

      • gaaaaahhhhh!!!! *Vaccinated*!!!
        You are 100% valued, too!!!😉
        But I typed “vaccinated” before the stupid autocorrect apparently changed words again!😖😱🤪

      • “fully valued” might be a bit of an overstatement? But thank you nonetheless.

        • I swear, every time my phone does a system update, I lose about 90+% of the words in the phone’s dictionary, that I PUT *IN* THERE!!!😖😱🤣🤣🤣

            • My buddy got Surly instead of Siri on his phone.  It argues with him constantly and never gives him the right answer.  One time it even started texting in Russian so maybe he got hacked?  Anyways, it always cracks me up watching him argue with his phone.

              • …arguing with his phone, you say?

                • That’s gold Jerry!  Comedy gold!

              • I’m pretty sure they’ll discover *sometime in the future* that computers managed to start gaining sentience sometime in the early/mid ‘oughts!😉

    • Lemon/ lime makes everything better.
      I made a shrub from mulberries last weekend and am ready to use some with tequila and a splash of lime. 

  7. I have to start researching unsweetened summer cocktails. I’m still working on slashing sugar from my diet and have figure out things besides G&Ts and rum/lime/seltzer.
    I’m planning in picking up a bottle of Campari and some dry Vermouth for Negronis, and also Campari/Vermouth/seltzer, but any other ideas are welcome.

    • I guess technically a dry Vermouth makes a Negroni into a Cardinale but that kind of specificity is the road to madness….

    • If you like rums?
      A Dark & Stormy is pretty tasty!
      Goslings makes a GOOD diet Ginger Beer–and you can get it at Wal-Mart!😉
      You can go with the old standby of Goslings–personally i like the additional “spices” flavors of Captain Morgan Private Stock (nutmeg, clove, vanilla, cinnamon, etc)… or choose whichever dark rum you prefer…
      If you DO want to go all “sugar bomb” once in a while on a hot day?
      Go get yourself some Rum-Raisin Häagen-Dazs, and a BIG glass, and make yourself a Dark & Stormy FLOAT!😁😁😁
      That was the way I originally had this drink–at *some* bar we had supper at, one night during Toy Fair, in Manhattan… none of the drinks on the menu looked familiar, but rum+ice cream sounded intriguing…. and it was amazing–even IN bitterly-cold February!😉🤣💖

      • Thanks — I’m trying to avoid even artificial sweeteners since evidence is growing that they’re basically treated the same by our bodies as sugar, calories or no calories.
        Ginger juice + rum + lime sounds very good, and I just picked up a big chunk of fresh ginger, so this is worth trying.

  8. No booze tonight, I work in just over a hour, and then I NEED to do homework after…
    The Sushi sounds pretty awesome, and I’ve been craving some for a while–maybe this weekend?😉
    I’m dealing with the aftereffects of/coming down from being high right now, so SERIOUSLY frustrated/crabby & not  happy.
    Boy-roommate keeps on using weed in his bathroom, because he “needs” it to deal with physical pain (he’s a goddamn addict, is really what it is, though–the pain is just the excuse he’s using to lie to himself about the damn addiction!!!😒😡🤬), in order to do his paid work–caring for his fiancee/our third roommate…
    Because he refuses to fucking smoke the shit *outside,* and instead just does it in his bathroom (he insists, “I’ve science the SHIT out of it, there’s *no way* it should be getting out!”😒🙄🙄), that means every single time he smokes up in there when I’m home, *I*  end up high as fuck, too.🙃
    Because my nervous system is *ridiculously sensitive* to medications (5-10 mg of steroids is enough to give me major muscle & bone pain in less than a week, and MASSIVE moodiness/rage swings), long-acting Adderall(XR) & Concerta at 10mg or less gave me insomnia after just a couple months of regular use, and even the “short acting” Adderall (at a five mg dose!🙃), which is supposed to burn itself out of one’s system in 4-5 hours, TOPS(!!!🥴)–stays in my system & keeps me up for a good 12 hours, if I don’t take 3  of my 1mg Melatonins in order to be able to fall asleep (learned that the hard way!😕)…
    So weed? 
    Makes me dizzy af, exhausted like I ran a damn marathon, and somewhere between “so drunk you’re miserable & nearing blackout,” and “the pounding head you get juuuuuuust before a terrible migraine sets in, and you’re out of commission for half a week.☹
    And the *other* worst parts about the matter are that 1. I can’t afford to move out and/or break the lease (frankly, neither can they!), and 2. EVERY TIME I’ve brought up all the issues the bathroom toking causes? He has a panic attack and/or full-out meltdown, because he’s not bothering to treat his mental illnesses… “the weed is the only thing that’s ever helped! is the excuse there.🙄
    Nevermind I’m so fucking sensitive to it, that I’m passing out on the couch while I do my homework, because it makes me so tired, or that I went and got an additional prescription for short-release Adderall(!!!), in order to be able to push through and get my homework done🤨😒🤬🤬🤬
    It’s just SO frustrating! I know  that for many  people, Weed is an enjoyable thing!!!!!
    But for me? Just like other “happy” medications like codeine, morphine, etc., it’s just not. It makes me completely unable to think, deal with visual or other sensory input, and basically ends up meaning the ONLY recourse i have, is to go to bed & sleep it the fuck off.
    It makes me 100% miserable, and unable to concentrate or do any decent level of reading or homework… and I’m FAILING classes (which he KNOWS!!!), because for *whatever* reason, he refuses to do this shit *anywhere* outside… pretty sure THAT is paranoia-related…
    know that the options here are “well, go somewhere else to do your homework!,” and “move out.”  But until/unless I can afford to move out, and afford a place with Lily, I’m stuck with the bullshit for a bit.
    Ironically, it became an issue, *after* he went off SSI to become our other roommate’s PCA, because before, he was too poor to afford buying any… he bitched allthetime, about wanting it, and “how much it’d help with the pain!” but it wasn’t an issue, because it was financially out of reach.🙃

    • …I kind of responded to this in the older thread so I’ll just skip to the part where I wished I had some useful/constructive advice/suggestions because that situation sounds altogether unfair to you & I’m really sorry you have to put up with it because they’re incapable of showing you some consideration

      …& I don’t know what kind of “scienced the shit out of it” they think they’ve done but if they don’t take it outside there’s no science I know of that can do more than mitigate the dispersal through the rest of the space…that’s how gases/airborne stuff works dispersal-wise

      …in fact if I remember right smoke was the specific example used by the guy who’s the reason it’s referred to as brownian motion, even

      …so I’m gonna go ahead & call bullshit on that whole line…that’s some self-centred insistence on thing-that-suits-me-must-be-true & it does not speak well of your room-mate

      • Thanks for the empathy, Rip!💖
        Regarding the “scienced” bit–he Googled the shit out of it, apparently, probably hit up Reddit, and most likely also asked the dudes at the tobacco shop he goes to… 
        But YES, I’ve learned over the last couple years, that he has basically zero grasp of fluid mechanics and/or aerodynamics… an example was a few weeks ago, when he took my box fan & put it in the living room window–pointing *out*–which had the exact opposite effect  he wanted, and sucked all the air *out* of his bathroom & made it flow through the whole apartment… rather than turning the fan so that it sucked outside air in, and pushed it *into* his bathroom & out/up the exhaust stack🙃
        I’ve realized 0ver the years, that as “easy & obvious”  as concepts like airflow/water flow are to some of us–they are apparently sanskrit to the vast majority of people…
        (Of course, “regular *society* rules” are basically sanskrit & often indecipherable for those of us who *do* seem to just “intuit” water & airflow without issues,  so I guess it’s a fair turnabout!😉🤣)

    • @emmerdoesNOTrepresentme I can’t remember if weed is legal where you live or not. If so, can’t he get edibles so you don’t have to suffer on his account? If not then he can make his own. Get him a weed cookbook and ask him to compromise.

      • Not legal yet, here in MN–just with a Dr’s prescription  (and IIRC, supposed to be through one of the state-approved dispensaries, which are expensive)…
        I replied to RIP, but YEAH, already asked about edibles, AND offered to help make them!😕
        And was basically given an excuse for each one…
        I’m just really frustrated, and today is a HARD day, that has me tired, crabby, angry & down…
        And thanks for both letting me vent, AND for listening & trying to help me find solutions💖

        • Damn Emmer, I’m really sorry you have to put up with this. 

          • He & i had a good, solid, sit-down early this evening…
            And there *might* be a solution… 
            Part of the issue is apparently that the edibles are a no-go because of the illegality factor here in MN…
            Apparently weed itself is basically just taken & flushed by the cops, but edibles are treated entirely differently(?)… 
            But I thiiiink i finally got through to him *how much* of an impact even a miniscule amount has on my ability to function… so we kept talking, and miiiiiight have brainstormed a filtration system (spliff-like, but actual chemical filtration, rather than simply “smell removing)… 
            And if option #1 doesn’t work, I basically came up with a “backwards home-brewing” air-lock idea, looking at the carboy filtration stuff from a local home-brew store, which should work nearly perfectly😉
            We’ll try the easy pre-made version first…. but if need be, i’ma MacGyver it from the home-brew shop parts…
            Since I know juuuuust enough about aquariums & bubblers, from my years owning an aquarium, and I know that water-filtration catches all sorts of nasties I’m allergic to, from living in a house with cats, but where we used a Rainbow Vacuum😉😁

  9. …on a separate note…international panic day

    …how is this the first  hearing of that?

    …kinda feels like every day has been international panic day for longer than I’d care to consider

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