Happy Hour [2/10/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

The hot, sticky summer seemed to drag on forever. September flew by. And now I’m grateful to find myself at the beginning of October, the best month of the year, with it’s crisp mornings, sunny afternoons, chilly evenings by the fire, sweaters, leaves changing colors, pumpkins, Halloween, and APPLE CIDER!

It’s delicious cold on a warm afternoon, or serve hot spiced cider for a cozy evening drink. It works well for both cocktails and mocktails. It’s a great baking ingredient. Try these doughnuts from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They’re quick and easy, but I have found it helps to use a boiled cider concentrate to get a good strong flavor. Yes, I bought mine at Williams Sonoma, please don’t tell Drew Magary!

What are some of your favorite autumn foods, beverages, and traditions?



  1. Tbh my favourite thing about autumn and winter is having a freezing cold bedroom
    Open the window, tuck meself in and use me little bedside light to read a book
    Its wonderful
    Also happens to be what I’m doing right now

  2. This time of year brings out the fresh hop ales.  In fact, this week should be the Fresh Hop Festival in Yakima and I am soooo sad it was cancelled.  So I drowned by sorrows with a trip to my favorite beer store and stocked up.  One not fresh hop I bought has a cool label with RBG & Biden called Vote or (Literally) Die! 

  3. Looks like they are about to take Trump to Walter Reed & he has a fever.  Looks like he is not faking it.  This happy hour is getting happier by the moment! 

  4. They just choppered Trump to Walter Reed Hospital.
    On the one hand, they need to be extra cautious for the slightest hint of anything.
    On the other hand, holy crap. I may need a big drink when I get home.

  5. He’s been given Regeneron, as a precautionary measure. Since when do doctors prescribe experimental medicine as a precautionary measure? What should we make of this, anything?

    • i think that means trump is going to be patient zero for the zombie apocalypse
      and thats fantastic news!
      no way that fat old fuck ends up being a fast snarly zombie
      wooo classic shufflers it is
      i better get into the attic and look over me rounders bats for hairline fractures
      nothing worse than equipment failure

  6. I don’t think I have much in the way of autumn traditions, but in a few weeks the hooded mergansers will be making an extended stop on our lake.  They always roll through in the fall and spring and are just beautiful birds.  I also like to watch the trees on the island turn colors–it’s a good mix of hues.

    • I love the leaves changing color, and when they start to fall, and swirl in the breeze. I’ll have to google hooded mergansers. I don’t know if we have them here.

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