1. sorry to hijack your post but who has the keys to DUAN??

      • It’s usually up around 6, right?

      • I have no idea how to hit one up but I tried to msg you 🙂

    • It’s not being used for anything else, lol!

      • LOL. I was in the middle of posting here when I found out about Neil Peart and had to try my hands at an obit for him. I’m still crying pretty hard.

        ETA; I had no idea that UPI was still around.

        • I hadn’t heard about NP. 67 is way too early to go. Condolences to his family and fans.

  2. I’m drinking kombucha. I don’t like it very much. But I got it for free. So here we are.

    It’s just way too sweet for me.

    • I’ve never tried kombucha, I’m not very adventurous with food and beverages.

      • I am adventurous. I dunno. To me it tastes like vinegar mixed with koolaid.

        • That is not a hard sell!

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