Happy Hour [21/1/22]

Happy Birthday, Gregori Yefimovich Rasputin! The Russian holy man was born on this day in 1869 and has been the inspiration behind cocktails, beer, and vodka. Not to mention the subject of numerous movies, television shows, operas, plays, songs, comics, and video games.

There are several Deadsplinters who also celebrate their birthdays in January. I’m not saying you should party like a mad monk

but cakes and wine are in order. And while it’s true that the 48-year-old Rasputin was lured to a cellar and served cake and wine on his last night (perhaps Yusupov & Co. bought into the sweet-tooth myth as well) while Yankee Doodle played on the gramophone, neither contained any poison. The autopsy report said as much.

За твоё здоровье!



  1. I’ve had Old Rasputin beer, it is a great Russian imperial stout but not something I could drink much of unless I am out in the snow trying to keep from freezing!  The barrel aged ones are even crazier…


    My local bottle shop used to get stuff from them all the time but rarely see anything from North Coast anymore.  Not sure if that is a distribution thing or just lack of interest.  We have so much local stuff that is similar now that most WA beer stores don’t import too much stuff like this.

  2. stronge urge to try and copy the dancy dude in the video….probably wont end well with my cans on

    im celebrating only having a cut down the useful side of my thumb on my dominant hand…ive been whining about it being extremely annoying all week

    but today one of my coworkers fell of his bike and managed to break both his arms and wrists…he’ll be in casts from wrist to almost armpit for 8 weeks

    thats gotta suck

    glad i just nicked my thumb..lol

      • thanks..its annoying…

        also…i now think theres a curse upon receiving a proper salaried contract with full sick pay benefits…armless dude just recieved his a couple months ago..and is now out of the running for at least 3 months

        the 2 women that got their contract same time as me both got carpal tunnel syndrome

        one of which is still stuck at home almost a year on

        seems so far ive got curse light…as ive only missed a week or 4 of work due to broken toes, waiting for test results and stray razors since getting a contract

        none of us ever missed a day of work as temps

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