Happy Hour [21/5/21]

I need a drink

It’s almost summer. And in the post vax world, it’s time to fire up the grill and have friends over for a cookout. I’m planning my first get-together in over a year. On the menu is @Elliecoo’s Savory Cheesy Pepper Jelly Appetizer Cookies, Elote Corn Salad, and Fajita Burgers. I found the perfect drink to serve on The Alcohol Professor blog, the Social Cooler from Union Burger in Southampton, NY.

  • 1.75 oz tequila infused with jalapenos
  • 1.75 oz watermelon puree
  • .5 oz margarita mix

Shake and serve over ice. I intend to mix up a frosty pitcher.

Got any party plans, Deadsplinters?



  1. That drink looks delicious! And pretty!

    • Doesn’t it? I love all things watermelon.

  2. @Hannibal that drink looks delicious. Do you deliver? (asking for the entire DeadSplinterati).

    • Of course, I’ll even mix it table side for you.

  3. no plans here…no sirree mister policeman officer

    • No plans is often how I end up in trouble. I require a lot of structure, lol.

      • i think i may be much the same….
        when i have work to worry about im pretty well behaved
        then the weekend happens

        • Poor impulse control and too much free time is a bad combination! Talking about myself, not you.

          • whats impulse control?
            talking about myself not you 🙂

  4. Heading over to have dinner with friends tonight. Everybody’s vaccinated so time to have some fun. 

  5. That looks good. I don’t have any tequila but a quick search shows versions with watermelon, rum and lime, which may get mixed up soon…

    • I’m sure rum would work,or vodka. Enjoy!

  6. Drink beer, watch basketball, & try to look just busy enough I don’t have to spend my whole weekend in the garden.  We moved 4 yards of compost last weekend & still have 1 left.  I brewed a new batch of beer for when my Hawaii friend visits in a few weeks, 2nd dryhop charge went in today and currently it is about 5.5% alc.  Hoping it will get to 6 or 6.5 when it is done fermenting but has slowed down significantly so may need some encouragement.  On tonight’s beer menu…
    I also have some leftovers of the Seattle Beer Week collaboration to get to…

  7. Friends coming to visit! The post vax world is gonna be fun. 

  8. I just measured and I still have six inches of sweater to knit before I can move on to another. It’s like 10 rows to the inch, so alot. Despite my crappy pruning skills the early roses are putting on a show so I am literally stopping to smell the roses. I much prefer being the visitor, that way I can leave when I want. Guests are so bothersome, they just don’t know when to go home!

    • I’d rather people came to my home, then I can drink more since I don’t have to drive. But there is that weird area where it goes from being the perfect visit to awkwardly too long. People should have a built in sensor of some sort that indicates when you’re about to overstay your welcome.

      • Like when the hostess falls asleep? Because I’ve had people keep droning on and not notice I was asleep.

    • I’m not really a beer drinker but there are times on a hot day where an icy cold wheat beer is very satisfying.

      • I would drink more beer if my restrooms were on the first floor…

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