Happy Hour [22/4/22]

I need a drink

Earth Day began in 1970 to raise awareness of environmental issues like air and water pollution. Fifty-two years later, it’s hard not to feel cynical about Earth Day activities and events. But if you’re the helping sort, you can participate in The Great Global Cleanup by using the map to find or create a cleanup in your area. And, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, and Restore. So fill your growlers, do it for the children.

As always, what are you drinking, Deadsplinters?



  1. I have so many growlers!  My wife made me giveaway a bunch but I still have too many.  Most places around here stopped filling them during Covid shutdown & I don’t see it coming back very quickly.  I store most of my beer in my belly.

    • Since living in Seattle, we amassed many growlers too. Prior to kids, our weekend city walks always ended at a beer hall and of course we couldn’t head home without a parting gift. Kids and Covid killed that lifestyle.

  2. as always….do i really need to tell you what i’m drinking at this point?

    also @hammerzeitgeist i did not know i was signing up to a bazzillion episode deal here!

    it is pretty funny and occassionally cute so far tho (you know…4 episodes in)

  3. My home brewed beer goes in bottles I snagged from the curb in front of a local liquor store on recycling day. What that means for the overall system, I don’t know — probably nothing plus or minus. But I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.

  4. Nothing alcoholic here tonight, but I did make the mistake of having most of a can of Diet Coke after 6pm….

    Soooooo I just took one of my melatonin pills, to see if that can help make me tired enough to fall asleep soon😖🤪🤣

    On topic, somewhat, because it was published in ’71, to support ideas brought up by that first Earth Day,

    The Lorax, Seuss’ admitted book of propaganda, is one of the best kids’ books, to pair fun with a message of good (The Sneetches is another of my own favorites!😉).

    And in dog-news, Today is the random date that I picked as Lily’s Birthday😁🤗🥰

    She was 10-11 weeks old, back when we got her on June 29th 2009… so the 22nd was the day I figured she *should* have been born by, and that’s been her “birthday” ever since–13 years now (not too bad for a Labrador Retriever!😉🥰🤗)


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