Happy Hour [23/7/21]

I need a drink

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about various cocktails, shared some drinking stories, and discussed our favorite bar snacks. But what about the morning after, Deadsplinters? How do you cure a hangover? Sleeping it off is obviously the best approach, but sometimes those pesky jobs demand we rise and shine in spite of our upset stomachs and pounding heads. I have more than a little experience in this matter and I’ve found a fried egg sandwich with jalapenos and a large glass of chocolate milk has the right balance of grease, heat, and sweet to get me feeling semi-human again. Far & Wide’s list of Best Hangover Foods In the World offers some interesting suggestions including restorative soups and a few fish dishes guaranteed to make me feel even worse.

What’s your go-to hangover breakfast. Pickled herring, tea and toast, or hair of the dog?



  1. I highly recommend soda stream caffeine free diet cola, PM me for your very own supply.
    My body has a built in hangover avoidance mechanism. Before I get that drunk I’m calling ralph on the porcelain phone.

  2. When I drank I never got a hangover.  I was ready to go the next morning, no problems.  Of course, that was assuming I didn’t wind up in the hospital with all of the internal pain that eventually resulted from my drinking.

    When I did acid, however, those hangovers were fucking murder.  Huevos rancheros with green chile was my go-to for those.

  3. I think I’ve mentioned this before. More than one New Yorker has told me that before you are due in the office quickly scarf down two slices of cheese pizza, no toppings, and one can of regular (caffeine + sugar) Coke. It works! It’s also why you still sometimes see pizza places that are open at 7 AM.

    If it is the weekend one, but no more than one, stiff screwdriver in a highball glass with plenty of ice. That will restore you, or at least take the edge off your pain.

  4. …it’s been a while…generally I don’t stay asleep long enough for the hangover to really develop these days, which is something of a mixed blessing

    …depending on severity though I used to opt for either a bacon & fried egg sandwich…or something called resolve that was sort of like a better version of alka seltzer but with sugars & salts & painkillers & all kinds of good stuff…only they don’t seem to make that anymore which kind of sucks

    …I do know that various people in scotland swear by a drink called irn-bru…but if you’ve got a bad hangover the lurid orange colour alone might be too much to bear?

  5. bacon and egg sammich and about a gallon of coffee…milky…also paracetamol and a good amount of cursing myself for being an idiot
    (but tbh….i think its the bike ride to work that does most good)
    when i dont actually have to go to work and wake up hungover (coz hahaha…yeah my days of sleeping it off are long gone) ill have my coffee with baileys…. about half half in a mug….works a charm
    course…also probably means ill be hungover again the next day
    i really need to find myself some more shit to do on the weekends

  6. A sporty friend of mine once told me years ago that to rid yourself of a hangover you must have rigorous sex the morning after. There must be some truth in this because there is such a thing as morning-after horniness, at least among men. This actually comes up in literature sometimes, although it’s often couched in euphemism. He claims that it will refresh the blood quickly and send non-alcoholized blood to the brain, where it will do the most good. 

  7. I just saw cheese curds at the grocery store. Now I wish I’d bought them. Because I don’t think there’s anywhere around here to order poutine. I’ll have to investigate some of the local restaurants.

  8. I’m not terribly prone to hangovers (so, may not be the best person for advice on this topic…), but I’ve had a few here and there, and I feel like the absolute best remedy is to go for a run (@matthewcrawley I’m sure other vigorous activities would work…).  The main problem being the few times I’ve been hung over, about the last thing I want to do is go for a run…
    otherwise, I tend to just like to eat greasy/fatty food and carbonated drinks/soda.

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