Happy Hour [24/1/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

Bottle or can?

On January 24, 1935 Krueger Cream Ale became the first canned beer sold in America.

The cans, made of heavy-gauge steel, were cheaper to manufacture, easier to ship and store. It was such a success that within a year 37 other breweries began offering their beer in cans as well. Now 85 years later, aluminum cans make up 62% of American domestic beer packaging. But the battle over which tastes better, bottle or can, rages on. While the common perception is that bottled beer is better, in a blind taste test 45% of people preferred the flavor of canned beer. Some people claim that the lining of the can effects the taste, or even that it’s poisonous, others that the can protects the beer from light and oxygen keeping it fresher longer, improving the taste.

When you pour the first cold one of the weekend, deadsplinters, will it be from a bottle or can?



  1. eh…i prefer canned… not because it taste better…but coz i can crush them and chuck em in the recycling bin
    bottles i have to keep and eventually haul back to the shop..thats effort man… but money back on the bottles and crates
    anyhoo…draught beer is bestest
    in any event i wont be pouring any tonight..quit drinking at home.. im actually nearing a month without any alcohol now… i dont think ive been sober this long since i was 18 lol

  2. *Why not both meme*

    I’ll usually have 1 of each and 2 on the weekends. I keep a few kinds of beers in the beer fridge and my fav, Space Dust, is usually in bottles but will buy the cans from time to time. I forget what cans are in there at the moment but it is white packaging with green hops on it. It has to be good if I can’t remember the name, right?

  3. …I think I have at least a marginal preference for beer in bottles over cans…but in the case of coca cola I will die on the hill that glass bottles make a difference?

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