Happy Hour [24/12/21]

I need a drink

For years I’ve been saying I don’t like Egg Nog. But, I have a confession to make. I have never tried it, and I don’t intend to. It doesn’t look very appealing, and the idea of drinking a raw egg concoction makes me feel more than a little queasy. So, in spite of its long and interesting history and association with Christmas, I will not be partaking. I will however raise my glass of bourbon to you, Deadsplinters. You are a gift all year round. Have a very Merry Christmas my friends.



  1. hey! dont nog it till you’ve tried it!

    thems the rules

    tho likewise..never tried it….i think

    not entirely sure…..i have a vage memory of something that looked like eggnog

  2. Grocery store stuff from a carton is gross.

    But if you beat eggs and sugar (and booze if you want) and fold in whipped cream, it’s awesome.

    A lot of people do egg yolks plus sugar and cream and then fold in beaten egg whites for the foam, but that seems too complicated for me. And a lot of people add way too much nutmeg. I feel like if you notice it, it’s too much.

    But seriously, just throw out the stuff from the carton.

  3. I mix egg nog with Myers rum & Kahlua on ice.  The key is to use the nog as just a topping like you would putting creamer in coffee.  I sprinkle cinnamon & nut meg on top.  Everyone loves it but that is probably because they are drunk as shit from me using mostly rum and Kahlua.  I can understand the hate though, one of my favorite Dave Attell bits is when he talks about egg nog being elf cum.


  4. I really like egg nog and egg drop soup.  We’re all dressed up and ready to party at House HZ. Culture clashing with mac & cheese, shabu shabu, sake, umeshu, and champagne.

    ✨ 🎄 Happy Holidays Everybody 🎄 ✨

  5. I’ve never liked the store-bought eggnog, but one of my aspirations in life is to have a party around the holidays where I can make this Martha Stewart eggnog that I think I’d get drunk off just the fumes of. I saw her make this on an old PBS cooking show from the early 00s and was like WOOOOOOOWWWW that’s a lotta liquor.

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