Happy Hour [24/3/23]

I need a drink

The highest court in the US is currently reviewing a trademark case between Jack Daniels and VIP Products, a manufacturer of dog toys. The distiller doesn’t believe that imitation is the highest form of flattery and maintains that consumers will associate their brand with poop. I’m skeptical. But since I haven’t had it in years, I can’t say whether JD is crappy or not. I prefer Kentucky bourbon, but I’ll admit I’m biased.

Anyway, what are you drinking, Deadsplinters? Any fun plans for the weekend?



  1. i actually caught the news about jd vs dog toy….seems a stretch to me… but they’ll probably win it…coz money

    still on ye olde amstel here….its reasonably priced…and not bad at all

    no plans for the weekend but i already have a highlight as i finally saw someone make the mistake of thinking my local supermarkets lady bouncer was a diversity hire and kick off

    someone really should have told him bouncers get hired on merit…..you know…..its not a management position

    • This story is so weird to me. I thought parody was protected speech and it’s obviously a joke.
      I want to be a grocery store bouncer! I may be small for the job but I have a big mouth.

      • its probably more about the likeness than what it actually says

        and in my experience… you really really really do not want to fuck with the small bouncers


        again….hired on merit

  2. It’s my last day of work for the company that I’ve worked at for more than 20 years. To celebrate, I’ll be tucking into a couple of these:



    I’ve been very fortunate with timing. I can celebrate today as I have a new gig lined up to start in early April.

  3. i remember reading about this and immediately i thought about what the dog toy might taste like…and no matter what it tastes like i’m betting it tastes better than jack daniel’s.

    sour mash has to come from ky or it’s not real, no? am i wrong in saying that? anyway…forgive me for my ignorance. there isn’t a huge amount of sour mash of the us variety up here so i’m glad that jack daniel’s became so popular…thast leaves more ezra brook’s KENTUCKY SOUR MASH for the rest of us who know how to drink!

    • Lots of bourbons are “sour mash,” they don’t all advertise it.  It just means they carry over some of the yeast from the last batch, like in sourdough bread.  JD claims to be “Tennessee Whiskey,” which is charcoal filtered before it goes in the barrel.  Technically, it meets the standards to also be bourbon, and is pretty good until you try actual good bourbon.

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