Happy Hour [24/6/22]

I need a drink

In spite of the negative response to last week’s Happy Hour suggestion, I propose another bold spirit for our more adventurous Deadsplinters. To combat the invasive green crab population that devastates the New England coast, Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire is producing Crab Trapper, a blend of bourbon, crab stock, and crab boil spices.

The taste has been described as a briny fireball. To borrow a line from @lemmykilmister, should you drink this? Sure… if you’ve been injured in a backwoods accident and need to be pass out drunk so your friends can amputate one of your limbs with a dull Swiss Army knife. Other than that it would be a hard NO for me. But maybe Lemmy will do a full review for us. Cheers!



  1. Complicated spice mixtures in booze are almost always a big mess, so crab boil mix gets a no from me too.

    But the mint I planted in an old toilet tank is starting to take off so it’s going to be a mojito summer for me, I think.

    • You guys, my Meatspace friends, and Mom’s side of my family are what’s keeping me grounded & not just freaking out, ENTIRELY, about *everything* these motherfuckers are going to try to do to people’s rights in the next months-to-years!

      Thanks for being YOU all, and being on the *Proper*(I REFUSE to say “right”!!!) side of History (and Humanity!)💖💝💗💫

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