Happy Hour [25/6/21]

I need a drink

Good news for the brew crew, beer may have a positive effect on your liver. Research from Oregon State University indicates that two compounds, XN and TXN, found in hops can help prevent fatty liver disease caused by diet. Scientists might someday be able to develop a supplement to limit fatty buildup in the liver. Until then, drink your medicine. But not too much because an excess of alcohol can lead to alcoholic fatty liver disease. They give with one hand, take with the other.

I’m savoring a fruity elixir of vodka and seltzer with a black raspberry shrub. What are you drinking, Deadsplinters?



  1. Yesterday I got to meet some friends for beer, give my beer guy a sample of my latest homebrew and pick up some of this year’s 3-Way & this patriotic brew for today’s Happy Hour…
    some of the proceeds go to the ACLU so it is almost like I am doing my charitable duty by drinking beer!  Can’t beat that  as we go into our heatwave of a weekend.

  2. 10 pints is not too much right?
    anyways…i think the 2nd pfizer jab killed the missus
    shes been absolutely sparko all day….i considered checking if shes dead…but if she isnt she probably wont be happy about me waking her…and if she is i guess it dont matter if i find out today or tomorow

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