Happy Hour [27/5/22]

I need a drink

Thanks to @farscythe for tending the bar while i went to the beach, it was much appreciated!

This week’s Happy Hour is brought to you by Finland, arguably the coolest country in the world. Who could forget their ballsy response to a Russian threat?

And now, in honor of Finland’s application for NATO membership, Olaf Brewing in Savonlinna, a mere 30 miles from the Russian border, has released Otan olutta, a lager that boasts “a taste of security with a hint of freedom.

Apparently, in spite of having its own mythology, separate from that of Scandinavia, Finland also has trolls. To Finland!



  1. ooo..i got a callout! i’m officially famous now!

    anyways…happy to fill in…just like in rl im really shit at being a barkeep…but it was fun none the less 🙂

    ill go along with your theme….coz i love korpiklaani

      • long weekend at that..just like yous…cept i get mine coz jesus went to heaven…it started yesterday

        cheers jesus! preciate it bro! any chance you could get crucified and go to heaven a few more times?

        saay…maybe towards august?…that’d be nice

  2. The only drawback to Finland, like all of Scandinavia, is that food and especially alcohol is incredibly expensive. A single can of that Otan lager might cost something like the equivalent of US$18. It’s one of the reasons why Germans shy away from visiting Denmark, even though they share a now-friendly border.

      • Probably but once you get Scandinavians out of Scandinavia they’re huge drinkers. A friend of mine [oh, God, here we go] worked a cruise ship job where the ships sailed from Sweden to Finland and back again. And then the other ship did the reverse, Finland to Sweden and back again. The sole purpose of the cruise was to get into international waters, where the booze became duty/tax free. He said it had to be seen to be believed, and made even the rowdiest frat party look like a Sunday afternoon temperance tea party. And this was all ages, it wasn’t just late-teens/early 20s.

        I’ve long had the theory that two of the biggest flaws in American society is that we wait too long before allowing people to drink legally (and don’t serve nearly as much wine at at-home family dinners) and go way too early in allowing teens to drive. Mediterranean Europe is just the opposite. It’s rare to see a drunken Italian staggering through the streets, like you see in party towns in America and Britain, and there are tons of Italians who never learn to drive a car because it’s expensive and there are so many other options, including the beloved Vespas.

      • Only when there’s no chance of him vomiting.

        The last time we went camping (over a decade ago) he brought his renter on the trip who brought a large bag of weed, got high and then ate all his provisions. If it weren’t for the rain and my ankle, he would have starved for the remaining TWO days.

        He’s also a Trumper and QANon nut who I unfriended on FB.

        If I told the whole story… well… I don’t consider him a friend, just an acquaintance.

    • I’m waiting for my raspberries and blackberries to make syrup. If I can get some local strawberries I’ll make some of that too.
      Now I’m thinking of margaritas for the weekend.

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