Happy Hour [28/2/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

Bad haircuts, we’ve all had them. You tell the stylist just a trim and leave with a suedehead or botched bangs. That’s exactly what happened to Peaches, the chonky cat, who went in for a sanitary clip and came out with, well… see for yourself. Peaches is far more resilient than I am, instead crying in bed all weekend she’s rocking her new look. Peaches is the body positive, example of confidence we all need.



  1. I was just listening to Nina Hagen last night. I hadn’t thought about her in a while but the Dave Stewart DUAN made me think of her because they worked together.

  2. LOL poor peaches. I cut my own bangs the week before first grade. Just cut a big ol’ chunk out of them, so my mom had to even them across. I looked like a mini version of the picture you posted.

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