Happy Hour [28/5/21]

I need a drink

Chalet Village in Gatlinburg, TN, double-booked their pool for two separate graduation events. A group of Black Bears who arrived to celebrate their commencement was surprised to find a party of teens from the Jefferson County High School Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, JROTC, already enjoying the accommodations. The humans graciously departed, much to the relief of the bears.

Raise your glass to the class of 2021! You know it was a very long year.

Whatcha drinking, Deadsplinters?



  1. *raises glass of water*
    im still in the never drinking again stage of hungover from last weekend…normally by friday night im about ready to make the same mistake again so this is new
    but then…ive never had a multi day hangover before…that was new too
    the memory is still fresh man

  2. I’m hoping to go meet some buddies for beers later.  Went beer shopping yesterday and picked up a keg for another friend.  My buddy that works there saved me some beers from my favorite breweries, including this one I haven’t had before…
    I mentioned before bears being very common where we go in Tahoe for a week each summer.  They actually relocated one of the regulars at Safeway and the gas station convenience store across the street from Safeway.


  3. Enjoy your holiday weekend, US Amercians.
    I will be celebrating by having a short weekend by working overtime tonight, cooking my food for the week tomorrow and visiting my friend Sunday at the hospital.
    Why OT?  $$$$, duh.  Got a project coming up in a month (redoing my garage floor with epoxy paint which is a fucking pain in the ass to prep) and got some stonks to buy.
    Not going to visit my parents for a while.  Not because they pissed me off (at least dad) but because my parents are recovering from CoVID they got from my sister who lives with them.  They got CoVID because Mom wouldn’t leave my sister isolated (stupid.)  Then Mom proved she is one of the biggest idiots ever as she forced my dad to drive to shop while sick (TWICE!) when I told them I would go shopping for them just send me a list.
    There are times when I regret being 1/2 my mom’s DNA.  This was one of those damn times.  I freaked out on her on the phone.  It was not a pleasant call to tell her how fucking stupid and selfish she was.  At least I got my shots in before I hung up.
    Basically, I’d be 3/4s plowed drunk on (looks at the booze shelf) gin if I didn’t have to work.  Thanks mom.

  4. After months of WFH, rarely going out, I was a whirling dervish of activity today. Vacuumed [ugh, i hates it] had my physical, went to the garage to get the truck checked over before inspection, hit the farm to sign up for the summer CSA. Mechanic tells me that because there is no work, the inspection process is being used to drum up repair business. Lovely. Dr tells me I gained 2.8 lbs. SOMEONE made me make a ton of fucking blini and then eat them, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Now I am watching baseball and sipping some Jim Beam Redemption Batch on the rocks. It is cold here, like 55 degrees F, bwahahahaha, my neighbors won’t have screaming children in their pool this weekend. I am all for having fun but do not understand why we have to scream as though we are being murdered.

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