Happy Hour [3/12/21]

I need a drink

It’s Bartender Appreciation Day. Lockdown may officially be over, but many people in the service industry are still out of work. Those who aren’t are not seeing the same number of customers as pre-pandemic, meaning loss of wages for those depending on gratuities. If you are among the revelers venturing out this holiday season, please remember to tip your bartender and wait staff well. If you aren’t, but miss the local pub where everybody knows your name, I’m sure they’d be happy to receive a festive card including a monetary gift. You can also donate to several organizations dedicated to offering relief in the form of grants, funds, and emergency assistance for people in the hospitality industry.

Tending bar can be fun, and rewarding. But it’s also hard work, at times very stressful, and you are often subjected to harassment and disrespect from the clientele. Show your gratitude for good service, past and present.

Belly on up, Deadsplinters. What are ya having this evening?



  1. bar tending was good fun

    i sucked at it….what do you want…is not how you are sposed to take an order apparently

    who knew?

    i mean…its pretty straight forward and to the point right? the fuck are yous getting upset about?

    anyways..they kept me in the kitchen after that

    • I liked tending bar more st of the time. I had a lot of great regulars. But sometimes it was a pain in the ass.

      • i enjoyed it…but apparently i lack people skills

        i disagree….i value everyone elses time so much…i dont bother wasting time with the bullshit

        get shit done…..that my motto…..unless its the weekend…then its hahaha fuck off call back monday

        anyways…im not good with customers

        • I find it hard to believe that you lack people skills.

          • aww i apreciate that megs 🙂

            it was a surprise to me too

            (yeah okay no it wasnt)

          • 😂

        • tbh….its the pandering i cant stand

          i understand the logic behind it…and i understand the customers wanting to be treated like royalty

          but…i cant do it…sit your ass down and eat the meal you ordered or fuck off elsewhere where they tolerate your high and mightyness

          but dont give me shit for failing to be sufficiently subservient

          • I gave a few Oscar worthy performances, people who would have told you I loved them, when in fact I could not stand them. So there was a decent amount of pandering going on. But I made some genuine friends too.

          • Okay but that’s my favorite kind of bartender or server to interact with as a customer!

            Polite and distant is perfect.

  2. Have fun but be careful. Uber!

  3. I’m drinking whatever my cousin tells me to drink tonight!

    • Is the cousin buying?

      • We alternated rounds! 🙂

        I drank quite a lot, but also we could walk home from the bars so it was fine.

  4. I never understood why people treat bartenders and servers like shit. I once dropped a promising date because she acted like an imperious queen B to the staff. Didn’t like that at all. They’re just doing their jobs (servers, not servants.)

    Despite some feelings of attraction I rarely tried to hit on them either. Sort of like my rule on coworkers (don’t.) It just leads to trouble and I would have to find another place to drink.

    Only did that once and it didn’t end well.

    • You are the person every bartender wants to serve. Thank you for not being an asshole. That’s better than any tip.

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