Happy Hour [30/4/21]

Cheers to spring

Tomorrow is May Day and/or International Workers Day. Let’s commemorate both! As a guest host and mixed-drinks ignorer, I will let you tell me whether these suck or not.

Is there a working man’s margarita? There is! It’s called a Paloma, and it looks good!


Is there a working mom’s cocktail? There is! It looks mighty drinkable! (I hope that’s a lime in there.)


You’d have to pay me to drink this Blended May Day Rum Cocktail. But $20 is $20.

The Spruce Eats / S&C Design Studios

I know we usually post ingredients and construction instructions, but I don’t wanna make this post overly long. So click the links for whichever mixed elixir makes your mouth water.

Post your own faves for Spring and The Working (Hu)Man in the comments, and have a super-duper weekend.



    • I am a sucker for the visual, and the Paloma looks very good. So I can bet that I will make that when it really heats up here for the summer. I’ll have to find some grapefruit syrup, but everything else is already in stock here at Casa de Meme.

  1. …I’m generally not much for cocktails beyond the one unironically called the old fashioned…but if the weather is warm enough I do think a caipirinha is a pretty good bet…ice, lime, sugar & booze made of sugar…what’s not to like?

    …that said…I do not find that I get a lot of working done on days that include the latter so I don’t know if it’s appropriate…on the other hand…if mad men is to be trusted there probably wouldn’t be a modern economy were it not for the likes of the old fashioned…so maybe that does qualify?

  2. I’m having some homemade mead.  It’s not very good, but why waste it?  Next time maybe I’ll follow the recipe of someone who knows what they’re doing, instead of semi-winging it.

  3. I’m low-key annoyed by the apple slice garnish in that one, and I can’t even really make a good defense as to why.  I want to say something about apples not being “juicy” enough to flavor a drink, but I’m not sure anything is without squeezing?  it might just be my anti-apple bias seeping through.  (I have more appreciation for apples after reading something claiming Johnny Appleseed was a drunk, and planting apple trees for the purpose of alcoholic apple cider, etc.)

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