Happy Hour [30/7/21]

I need a drink

What do you drink to beat the heat? My father used to say that drinking cold water would make you sick while working in the sun. He insisted beer was a better choice. Since we know alcohol dehydrates you, it was obviously just his excuse for day drinking. But if beer is what you’re reaching for, which are the best thirst quenchers? Uproxx suggests pilsners, lagers, and shandies. I personally find iced tea very refreshing. And if a shot or two of bourbon finds its way into my glass, so much the better.

How are you staying hydrated, Deadsplinters?



  1. i agree with your dad
    course…i do both….cold water and beer…always thirsty me
    but…for actual thirst quenching….id go for a pitcher of water full of icecubes
    or…..a watermelon
    and a couple pints to go with it

    • I eat a lot of watermelon in the summer months. 

      • i buy a lot of watermelon in the summer months….
        then i get home from work….and its all fucking gone

        • Well that’s just wrong!

  2. Your father sounds like my kind of guy!  I’m about to go meet the boys for a few at our local beer store/tap room.  So looks like I will be drinking a Seapine Canyonero followed by a Block 15 DAB Lab Tipping Point if the online beer list is up to date.  That may be questionable since my “beer guy” is on vacation.  Cheers!

  3. Have a good time!

  4. Muddled watermelon simple syrup with booze of choice topped with sparkling  mixer of choice. Really, any fresh fruit simple syrup. 

    • @Elliecoo  Nothing is a cooling on a hot day as the taste of watermelon. Cheers!

  5. …a caipirinha is basically alcoholic crushed ice…so that’s got to be in the running

    …& always been fond of the oldashioned coke in a glass bottle

    …one time in france (normandy, I think) I recall being very glad of a big clay pitcher of dry cider

    …whereas where I grew up a lot of fuss is made about something called pimm’s

    …actual quenching of thirst, though…cold tonic water’s pretty good…not sure it’s really because of the quinine…but that’s certainly what my grandparents told me?

    • Apparently the Stupid State Store™ does not carry Cachaça. They have two types for special order, which I ordered, only to be told that didn’t really offer it, sorry.

      • …beginning to think they should just call it the “wrong booze store” & be done with it

        …sorry you have to put up with that

  6. I’m working on seltzer and grapefruit juice right now, which is tart enough to cut thirst but has more to it than just acid like lemon or lime.

    • Sometimes I’ll just muddle some berries and top them with seltzer. But grapefruit has a nice tang for a hot day.

  7. My daughter loves Pimm’s, I haven’t tried it. If you like caipirinha you’d probably like cacique, it’s also a cane sugar liquor. I like it in a Guaro Sour – cacique, simple syrup and muddled lime.


    • I don’t drink beer but every one in a while I like a wheat beer on a hot day.

    • I have had a few brews from this brewery, not bad.  

  8. Rum beats my head to a pulp so I avoid it.
    I’ll stick to Strongbow Apple Cider.

  9. I love a good hard cider. We have a local cidery(sp?) that does a really nice plum and thyme one. 

  10. Honestly July has been almost early fall-like here. When it’s not raining the days are warm and the nights are cool. I had hot rooibus tea after lunch.

    • I envy you. It’s like a sauna here, hot and steamy even in the morning.

  11. Thanks to my…er, greed and need to pay for house repairs/improvements, I’m working the entire long Civic Holiday (aka Simcoe Day (not totally racist Brit overlord who fought against Slavery in Canada!)) to fill my bank account with Dead Prime Ministers, Live Queen and Notable Canadians.

    • That doesn’t sound greedy. Being a homeowner is expensive. And you have to plan for the future. 

      • The plan for the future is the reason for my “greed.”  I’ve been taking spare cash and dropping it into the inferno of the market.
        AMD has been very very good to me.  Pintrest… not really (dropped 18% today.)  Just happy that I don’t own many shares or I’d be very very unhappy.

  12. Hmm when it’s really hot and I’m thirsty, I usually go for iced Topo Chico or a fruit juice popsicle. You can count me in for chilled watermelon too. 😋 If I want some thing boozy, I usually go for a Lime Rickey. Crisp, slightly bitter, super yummy

  13. I like tart in the summer too, lime is a great flavor.

  14. I’ve heard idle speculation that people like beer for the sugars and electrolytes and whateverthefuckelse in it.  Maybe, but me, I just like being drunk…
    But, when it’s really hot out, especially if I’ve been working/exercising/exerting myself, I cannot drink cold drinks.  sometimes tap water is even too cold for me.  I need something more like room-temperature to drink.
    Tonight is just Sierra Nevada Torpedo.  not terribly special, but readily available at most of the corner stores around here for a not terrible price.  Earlier this week I was making some bloody marys (maries? Maries?), but I was too lazy today after getting food and beers and coming home from work and doing laundry, and etc.

    • I like beer because it is the nectar of the gods.

      White Bluffs Brewing – N.O.G. (Nectar of the Gods) IPA – super underrated brewery (Richland, WA). Winning medals yearly. from beerporn

      Brewers note:  good beer should have no sugar because yeast eats sugar to make alcohol.  If you have sweetness, you have failed to fully ferment beer or making a style that requires unfermentable sugars, like some hazy ipas have lactose sugars.  Sorry, too much beer geeking after too many beers.  Currently enjoying a Valley Space Bound which is amazing Sabro hop goodness.  I love beer for the hops & the alcohol is a bonus.

      • I doubt anything but a perfectly engineered system/method under strict laboratory conditions would result in 100% of the sugars being converted into alcohol.
        And, in a lame attempt to defend myself, I tend to think of sugars/starches/carbohydrates as being pretty similar, and tend to lump them altogether.  There is caloric content in beer, and I’ve unintentionally ended up with weird beer caramel as a side effect of cooking stuff using beer… (but that could very well be the result of lactose or other sugars that yeast can’t metabolize (ferment? exploit? (I’m forgetting my bio terms, whatever, “fuckin use”))

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