1. We’re staying in too – probably just finishing off whatever wine is leftover from Xmas.  As far as a movie – still trying to decide what to watch – definitely not the new Matrix movie – it was not good.

    • Actually, I’ve just been informed we’re binging the Golden Girls tonight. I’m good with that. So long and thanks for all the fish Betty!

      • I’m going to watch it it but not tonight. I’ve been nursing a cold/flu/Omicron since the day after Christmas. I’m feeling a little better but still not up to anything I have to pay much attention to. I need mindless entertainment tonight.

    • I liked the new Matrix (3/5⭐) but I wasn’t very invested to begin with and same goes for the new Bond.

      I’m making Glühwein right now and am going to play a boardgame while the kids nap. We’ll go on an evening (5pm) lantern walk with our friends and their kids. Then watch Station 11 and passed out at 10pm.

  2. im celebrating alone…the missus has gone to bed early as shes poorly…and the cats have gone in to hiding….suspect ill see them again next year

    sooo…. im occasionally singing along with the street party out back…watching shit explode and generally lurking around being anti social…strictly seeing things this year…not interacting

    also monitoring the national chaos….reasonably quiet so far this year… 1 dead 1 maimed a couple little riots…mostly involving youths

    but…well…its still 2 hours to midnight…..the adults havent started being the problem yet

    goddamn is there some heavy fireworks out there this year tho….i can feel some of them through the floor

      • ofcourse 🙂

        i meant in person alone lol

        its fine tho…just ambling around the neighbourhood admiring the chaos and trying to stay juuuuust far enough away from people that i dont have to wish them a happy new year is pretty entertaining

  3. We are making sashimi, sushi, mochiko chicken, mochiko cauliflower, and playing games.  We just got back from a long walk in the snow and before I can get to happy hour, the wife wants to take the tree down.  So, I’m taking a quick hide in the office break.  Still deciding on doing beer or wine.  Usually do wine on New Years so probably go that route if I can convince the wife to partake also.

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