Happy Hour [31/3/23]

I need a drink

A United Airlines passenger claims baggage handlers drank his expensive whiskey. Please remember to pack your valuables in your carry-on. If you have any expert travel tips, share them in the comments. And speaking of vacation, I will be going out of town next month. If anyone can cover my posts, it would be appreciated. Happy Hour at 16:00 on April 21 and 28, Coffee Break at 10:00 on April 24 and May 1.



  1. i packed a 6 pack of beers once….for the train ride home after we landed….it was a 4 pack when i unpacked it

    for the most part i was just amused they left me some after stealing some

    thats considerate of them

  2. Tip: I declare everything going into Customs.

    During the 2001 Euro Anthrax Pandemic, I watched an old man get slapped up the side of the head with customs duties for attempting to smuggle in Italian prosciutto, several pounds of unpasterized cheeses and a bunch of other goods after NOT declaring it on his customs form.

    All these items were verboten under normal conditions but more so due to Anthrax scare.

    When I cleared customs, he was up to $5000 in fines and crying.

    Tip: I try to focus on traveling light (especially when the airlines want to charge you for everything.) One travel bag is enough for me for a 2 week trip.

    • The last time we flew back from Rome there was a big kerfluffle at customs at Kennedy because a sniffer dog (who could have been my beloved German Shepherd’s younger brother) detected something in a bag. We were herded away from it and the possessor was forced to explain herself. What happened was she had bought a couple of sandwiches at the Roman airport, Fiumicino, and packed them in her bag to consume on the flight back, the airline food in coach being so shitty. I wouldn’t know about this, we always fly business, thanks to Better Half’s 12 trillion miles or whatever he’s accumulated at this point. While we were standing around observing this (had it been a bomb we would have all been killed; if you ever fail the civil service test to work at your local DMV the TSA is always hiring!) a woman next to me told me that she was told at Fiumicino (she could speak Italian, luckily) that if she had any liquids at all packed in her carry-on she’d need to repack them in her checked luggage. She did, in fact. She had a bottle of perfume that she had picked up at a discount store in the Monti section of Rome. When she asked the service rep why, the rep told her, “I don’t know, you’re flying an American carrier and they’re all crazy. Enjoy your flight.”

  3. I’ve packed lots of beers & wine in my bag.  Just got to wrap everything well, I put bottles in socks or my fins when I go to Hawaii.  I’m off to do beer 30 with the boys.  Happy Friday!


  4. also…unrelated to everything….but oppo recommended this to me…..so now im recommending it to yous

    its 27 ish minutes well spent…you know…if you like cartoons…. wonderful art style

    looks like it could become a pretty fun series….

  5. Travel tips:

    1. TSA Precheck. Pay it. I hear Clear is even better, but I can’t justify that with the amount of travel I do now. That reminds me, my Precheck is due for renewal.

    2. Backpack for carryon. Don’t drag a rolling bag onto the plane. When shit goes south as it inevitably does, you can sling that backpack on your back and sprint. Can’t sprint with a suitcase. I spent a lot of money on a really nice backpack that holds my laptop and a ton of crap (it expands when necessary) and I’ve never regretted a penny of that expense.

    3. Check your shit. I know this is directly opposite of what Manchu said, but I can’t pack a week’s worth of work clothes into a backpack. Just check it. Nothing valuable, of course, but I’ve been all over the country and never lost a bag. Ever. My international travel is more limited so I’ll defer to others on that.

    4. Obvious, I know, but the earlier you fly, the less likely you are to get delayed. Delays compound as the day goes on.

    5. Noise cancelling headphones are a godsend.

    • I take one change of clothes and a couple of nights worth of toiletries in my carry on along with any valuables and check everything else. I do use a carry on bag and a smallish backpack that I can slide under my seat. I’m not good at traveling light.

  6. Pro tip:

    Don’t be that annoying person who berates people or acts positively stunned when people you’re travelling with need to check a bag. Especially if you’re a slender person. In that case, go fucking grab a plus size pair of jeans at a store and fold them and actually think about how much volume they take up in a carryon. Now extrapolate that size difference for everything a person is packing. Or you know, I’ve got friends that basically need half their carryon for various medicines they’ll need.

    I cannot stress enough how annoying it was when I travelled a lot for work a few years ago to have slender adult men who didn’t need makeup, hair products, etc give me grief for needing to check a bag for trips.

    • OMG, I can relate to this. And them wondering why you’re already frazzled because you had to get up, get ready, hair and makeup. They roll out of bed, hit the shower, dress and leave. They’re ready in 15 minutes, and their wives probably packed for them. 😡

      • Right? Oh you only needed this 1 pair of mens dress shoes for the entire trip? How lovely for you. Must be nice. Why yes, I’m not willing to deal with wearing women’s dress heels in an airport all day and brought a pair of tennis shoes for all that and that means I had to find room to pack those dress shoes.

      • My wife doesn’t pack for me but yes, 15 minutes and I’m out. I pack the night before and only have to stow my toiletries and I’m off. Also, I will not hesitate to buy stuff at my destination. Forgot my shoes? Take me to the mall, Uber driver.

  7. I keep thinking I need to get a passport. The last time I flew (to Canada) my state driver’s license was sufficient to get through customs and on planes. TSA may not have been a thing. Obviously 8 million years ago.

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