Happy Hour [4/9/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

It’s a three day weekend for North Americans. Originally a holiday for the working class Labor Day is now better known for being the unofficial end of summer. And sales.

In my previously life, BCV, Before Corona Virus, I would most likely have been hosting a party on the patio. The grill would be going, tunes playing, drinks flowing, and dogs happily running around the yard.

This year will be much quieter. Grilled portobellos, and slaw. Maybe I’ll actually get around to making those watermelon margaritas. And I finally found some spiked ice pops at the liquor store so if nothing else I’ll have a boozy popsicle for my sad little celebration.

What, if anything are you doing this year? A Covid be damned trip to the beach, BBQ with the family, patio drinks at a local cafe? Or shopping online while obsessively watching the news? Not that I’d know anything about that. Whatever you’re doing be safe and enjoy yourself. That goes for all you non North Americans as well.



    • My daughter is coming so that will be nice. Outside of the cashier’s at the grocery store the only people I see are neighbors. And that’s over the fence chatting.

  1. grilled portobellos sounds great 😀
    if the weather permits it i think i’ll roll out ole tetanus and likewise grill some shrooms….and chicken….probably sausages too…. havent had a bbq yet this year
    anyhoo…ive set my alarm clock for 2 pm tomorow…and im damn well gonna try to sleep till then (im going to fail…but thats beside the point)

    • We’ll do some chicken too,  for later in the week. In going to try grilling the cabbage before chopping it up for sale. Haven’t done it before, but what could go wrong?

    • i think i’ll roll out ole tetanus and likewise grill some shrooms… havent had a bbq yet this year

      your mistake was rolling it in. never roll it in. just because it’s january or cold or snow or ice it doesn’t mean you can’t have bbq! 🙂

      • lol this is true
        but ole tetanus is a bit of an eyesore as a garden ornament 
        red and rusty….(apart from the actual grill…thats shiney…i scrubbed that part up good and store it in the house instead of the shed)
        found it abandoned roadside many years ago and its been my trusty little coal bbq ever since 

  2. Time to harvest the hops and brew my annual fresh hop ale, Chinookie.  I think I’ll pull a Dick Move for happy hour (it is the name of a double IPA by a brewer named Dick at a local brewery)  Cheers & have a great weekend. 

  3. Still doing a lot of work in the garden, but also paying a visit to Mrs. Butcher’s oldest and her fiance so we can deliver the massive batch of pesto to them which is taking up too much space in the freezer.  It will be a masked and socially distanced visit.

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