Happy Hour [5/2/21]

I need a drink.

February is Black History Month. When you pour a cold one this afternoon, think about the role of enslaved Africans in brewing during the early days of the U.S.A. Growing hops, making the mash, and fermentation was the labor of slaves. Thomas Jefferson was known for, among other things, the quality of his ales. Which were brewed by Peter Hemings, a man owned by the 3rd President of the United States.

Monticello Brew House

Today, only 1% of brewers are Black. Garret Oliver, brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery is addressing the issue through the Michael James Jackson Foundation for Brewing & Distilling. Your donation can help fund scholarships for Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the brewing and distilling trades. And of course, support minority-owned breweries when you can.

Esoteric Brewery Cincinnati, Ohio


  1. no minority brewerys near me…..its lilly white up here

    • but on the note of beer

      oh goddamn these are good with beer

      • It says so right on the bag. Truth in advertising, who da thunk it?

        • i know right?
          broke my little mind

    • True, but at least you don’t have the stain of slavery.

      • ummm…. did you forget im in the netherlands?
        we’ve neatly hidden it under the carpets….but its there

        • Oh right, I was forgetting about the Dutch shipping and selling human beings.

          • yeah….far as i know we didnt really keep them on home soil….but we sure as fuck facilitated that shit

            • Ultimately, every society from ancient times up through the late 1800’s openly utilized slavery in one form or another.  There is no nation or society which doesn’t have that as part of its past.

    • I’m assuming very Trappist as well.

  2. Have not heard of the ones listed for Oregon (Xicha) and Washington (Métier). Will definitely seek them out.
    Stunned and amazed that there are no minority-owned breweries listed for Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or Utah (SARCASM).

    • Right? Lol

      There’s a Black owned distillery opening in Louisville, Brough Brothers Bourbon. I’m looking forward to trying it.

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