Happy Hour [6/11/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

Halloween is over, Election Day has come and gone. The pet Advent Calendars are out at Trader Joe’s, which means the holiday season has begun. They sell out quickly so I was happy to get one for my dog and my daughter’s cat this year.

Yes, I’m a crazy animal person, but I’m apparently not alone. Pet calendars are big business with offerings from Aldi, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and all the major pet chains. There are high-end cookie boxes and many personalizable items for sale on Etsy. Even horse and small animal versions available from Amazon.

They put up with you working from home, swearing at the TV when trump’s orange face appears, and all the time you spend picking DUAN songs instead of playing ball with them. Do something extra nice for them this holiday.



    • Good idea though. I’m going to have to see if any of the local breweries or wineries have one. We’re blessed with lots of distilleries too but that could get me into trouble.

    • A friend’s parents bought two last year, one for their dog, one for here. But they didn’t put them up high enough and their dog got into them and are all the treats in both before Dec 1st, lol.

  1. i just ordered a kapsalon….i shouldnt have….but on the other hand 

    oh yeah…i need that
    other than that tho… im soothing meself with music


  2. Hello, everyone! I’m new here. Usually I hang out on BackTalk. I heard that the kinjacalypse might be the next gift of 2020. Thanks Hannibal for the open invitation!

    • …kinja’s timing is characteristically awful so we might need to make some excuses about the fact we haven’t lined up the guest rooms with fresh linen & wordpress is less forgiving in some respects than kinja when it comes to the ease of embedding stuff in comments

      …but when I say “we” it’s really one stressed out person trying to get things to work for the rest of us so hopefully we can get folks up to speed to whatever extent they want to be able to contribute without giving them a nervous breakdown

      …if you think you’d like to be able to put up posts as opposed to just comments your best bet is to find the “messages” option from the dropdown where your avatar is at the top right corner & send something to @myopicprophet saying you’re interested in being an author & I guarantee you’ll get a response…although whatever patience you might be able to summon up on that front will doubtless be appreciated

      …either way, welcome

      …the more the merrier & all that sort of thing

    • Welcome! I hope you find your way around. One of the nice features here is the PM, if you have any trouble message me and I’ll do what I can to help you figure it all out. 

      • Thanks! I do have a quick question- in my notifications I only see likes. Am I missing if there’s a quick way to see when someone replies to my comments? I had to scroll down the thread to find them. I’m not sure if I’m just not looking in the right place on my profile or not. 

        • …if you tied your deadsplinter login to a wordpress account there’s a function that *sometimes* gives you a heads-up on replies if you’re not on a mobile device by clicking on the little square speech bubble to the left of the notification icon/number up in the top right

          …thus far we haven’t figured out how to twist wordpress’ arm into giving up the functionality kinja had for letting you know someone replied to you, though…so to some extent you have to do it the old-fashioned way by refreshing pages & scrolling

          …the little widget titled “sticky notes” has a tab that will give you the most recent comments left by anyone, if that helps…which I find it sometimes does?

    • …it’s kind of a YMMV thing…& not much use on mobile devices…but when it does work it’s handy…& I think it flags all replies if you’re the author of the post they fall under…but don’t quote me on that because I could be wrong about how it works?

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