Happy Hour [6/3/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

An 8 year old boy in British Colombia won $200 worth of edibles in a youth Hockey fundraising raffle. The father had to break it to his child that he couldn’t keep the prize, ‘No, son, there’s bad drugs in the chocolate.’  According to the Dawson Creek Minor Hockey Association the raffle winner was given the option of refusing the package, but the boy’s father chose to accept delivery of the basket of cannabis products.

Once during High School, drinking in a bar while underage, I entered a raffle for a large bottle of chianti. I signed my grandmother’s name sure that I’d never win, and even if I did the bar didn’t open until 4:00, I’d be home from school by then and would beat her to the phone. I didn’t realize the staff would be there earlier setting up. My ticket was chosen, they called and told my grandma she’d won. And to add insult to injury I had to drive her there to pick up her bottle of wine. I get it kid, we both got ripped off. You lost a basket of chocolate, me – a tacky bottle of probably lousy wine.



      • …I think they make a solid point based on the way the week seems to have gone from where I’m sitting?

        …go ahead…blame me if you like…just don’t go nuts, you know?

        • Not going nuts has always been my problem! If 1 hit is good, 2 is better and so on. And so I abstain. Life is definitely not as interesting, but also less nerve racking.

          • …well, they do say “all things in moderation”…so presumably from time to time the “all things” bit has to include the moderation, right?

            …that’s my story anyway…& I’m sticking to it…with it…stuckit towith…wait…where’smyglassgone?

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