Happy Hour [6/5/22]

I need a drink

It’s Derby weekend in the Bluegrass. Tomorrow is the 147th Run For the Roses. I don’t go to the track anymore, it all feels a little icky to me these days. I do miss the spectacle – the food, the drinks, fashions, and especially the hats.

If you’re planning on watching, there is still plenty of time to throw together some traditional Kentucky fare – Mint Juleps, Benedictine Spread, and Hot Browns, arguably the best knife and fork sandwich of all time. If not, what will you be doing, Deadsplinters?



  1. I’m definitely starting happy hour early today!  Just got back from my 4.5 hour drive w/ a rain storm/snow storm over the pass.  Trucks shooting water all over the place and little visibility.  I never got my Cinco on so margaritas are calling!

  2. I never went to the track for a big race, only the hot dog and cheap beer days. They were fun, but I agree that the ways horses are treated these days, oof, not going back soon.

  3. well….F1 is in the states…so…ive got a rare weekend where im doing all my chores and watching the races….evening races are the bestest

    but uhh.. beyond that….not much… monitoring a bigly bunch of flowers i sent to me mum like a hawk…..they promised delivery on mothersday….if they fail…im going to be the biggest pain in the arse ever


    • I love both Johnny Weir and Irish Coffee! I’m starting my vacation early with my version of an Old Fashion- 2 oz rue, 1 tsp cherry syrup, couple of drops orange bitters, and a candied orange slice for the garnish.

  4. We went to the Derby once. Ms. Meme has cousins in Louisville. It was fine, but it lands squarely in the overrated category, and that’s if you’re blissfully unaware of how ugly horse racing is behind the scenes. Throw in some Old South heat and humidity, and, uh, free-but-awful mint juleps, and the body’s reaction to ingesting those juleps, and it’s really not worth it.

    I’d recommend Louisville for the Bourbon Trail and the downtown food scene. Skip the races (we also went to The Oaks) altogether.

    ETA: For the weekend, there’s a bunch of house and yard work that I want to get done. Hoping the weather will cooperate, unlike last weekend.

    • I agree it’s overrated.  And mint juleps are horrible The week leading up to it with all the events is more fun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen when doing yard work. It’s easy to forget at the start of the season.

  5. Water or sparkling water or mint tea.

    I’m trying to de-stress and I’ve been having some tachycardia which I think is from a prednisone prescription I finished mid-week. I’m definitely doing much better 36 hours after finishing that prescription which makes me hopeful it was that.

    I mean, stress and shit too from *gestures at everything* but the elevated heart rate has been whackadoo and I don’t like it. So I’m hoping things settle down from getting off the prednisone. 

      • I very rarely take steroids and with it being a 10 day run, my stupid self conflated friend’s funeral events and becoming chattel from the Supreme Court with when the issue really became noticeable with the meds. And then it was getting more prevalent with the last day having me sitting at work like wow why is my heart rate 110 just sitting here at my desk it should be like 85-90.

        Anyways, things are much calmer today. Back in mostly normal ranges. 🙂

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