Happy Hour [7/1/22]

I need a drink

What the hell, Buck Eye State, who do you think you are, Florida? Drone weed delivery,

bridge theft,

and drunken fights in the Sunshine State itself. Stay in your lane, Ohio. Florida man doesn’t need the competition. What are you drinking this afternoon, Deadsplinters? Maybe you should have a Shandy, reportedly the most popular drink in Ohio.



  1. ah yes… shandy… the designated drivers drink of choice in the uk (least in my experience)

    cant drink tonight im driving ill just have a shandy half

    *14 half shandys later*

    welp time to drive you drunk fucks home…c’mon then

    over here we call shandy snow whites (well..sneeuwwittje)

    • Snow Whites, I like that. It sounds like something you should be able to have a dozen of and still drive, lol.

      • well….you’d be better off than you’d be if you’d gone for a dozen black russians…thats for sure

        i still wouldnt recommend it tho

        i got a lot of rides home with people that really shouldnt have been driving

        didnt think nothing of it at the time…but in hindsight


        • Ooh, Black Russians, I haven’t had one of those in a while. If I wasn’t under the weather I think I’d make one. Maybe tomorrow, hopefully!

          • get well soon 🙂

            • Thanks, I’m going through my medicine cabinet, trying a bit of this and that.

              • my usual go to in case of stuffed up bad enough that my ears go is nasal spray…not saline.. the pcylowhaterthefuckshit…wierd sciency name i will never remember

                usually paired with something exceptionally spicy…and some paracetamol

                tho….if you happen to have it..swap out the paracetamol for codeine….not only is it a much better painkiller…it seems to stop coucghs and sneezles

                • its xylometazoline

                  good stuff…fast acting too

                  dont use too many days in a row or itll cause blowback

                • Weird thing is I don’t have any other symptoms, no cough, no sniffles, just plugged up ears and this damned dizziness.

                  • ears and dizziness would indicate some kind of inner ear infection…if memory serves

                    • Yeah, if I’m not better Monday I’ll see my doctor. No way in hell am I risking a plague ward over the weekend!

          • oh god..i hate the panic breath intake…and the arm swing watch out combo

            scares the shit out of me

            missus even does it to me when we are out for a walk

            missus- arm swing watch out!

            me- OHMYGODWTFBBQ! is there a truck coming!

            missus- theres little froggies crossing the path…you were going to step on one

            me-i swear you are trying to kill me by heart attack…i saw the fucking frogs…fuck me

            this used to happen quite a lot

    • @Loveshaq I had no idea bridge thievery was a thing! That first beer sounds interesting, but you know I’m always going to go for the wine. Except no happy hour for me today. I’ve got some weird sinus thing going on. My ears are all stuffed up and it’s causing dizziness. I don’t think I should drink on top of that.

  2. We had some idiots cutting wood from a bridge in our state…


    Still a few hours from happy hour so not sure if I will do some of the loot I got from my beer guy yesterday like this (FYI for any WA readers, my beer guy is NOT at Bottleworks though I have nothing against that store)…



    or go the wine route…


    Now I’m thinking of bumping up happy hour!

  3. It’s getting cold tonight and I’m not driving, so I think spiked hot chocolate is up.

    • Sounds good, spiked with what?

    • The judge (an oldish white dude) was actually very impressive. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. Peace to Ahmaud’s family and friends.

      • @memeweaver That sounds delicious. A bit of family trivia – one of my great uncles was the guy responsible for a lot of the wine label paintings in the 80s and early 90s. He painted beautiful abstract sort of floral water colors that become the big thing in Napa Valley. Eventually everyone was copying his work to slap on wine bottles, some of it was really bad, lol. But by then he’d made enough money to not worry about selling anything and retired to a house on the beach to paint for the rest of his life.

        • I freaking love this story!

      • @memeweaver I have not heard of Balboa but the fact the winemaker worked at Corliss & grapes are from Walla Walla makes me think it is amazing!  If you ever get a chance to drink any Corliss, do not hesitate!  One of my top 5 wineries in WA.

        • Oh yes, I’ve had plenty. I highly recommend Balboa – my favorite in that region.

  4. I am genuinely shocked by this! In the best possible way.

  5. I always thought shandies were disgusting, and I’ve had a similar experience with most people from Ohio. So that tracks.

    No drinking for me, but I do have a box mix cake in the oven with about 4 minutes left to bake.

  6. I’m not fond with of beer so no shandies for me. Being from Pittsburgh I have a love/hate relationship with Ohio. But it’s mostly just a friendly rivalry.

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