• I tried one mead last time I visited my sister. I’m not sure I liked it. But I was expecting it to be like wine and it had a more beer taste. It may have been that particular brand. I’d like to try a different mead.

  1. I don’t drink, but my wife has discovered that she really likes the cider from a local brewery.  It’s all fruity and like 8% alcohol or something.  Basically, it’s soda pop with a hard-on.

    So now I gotta keep the house stocked with this stuff, but on the plus-side, they make really nice pickles and olives at the brewery so I can get a little something for myself.

      • huh…yours is better

        i just get pissed off at public displays of religion…. fuck that shit..keep it in the church and at home and we can be friends…put it in my fucking park…not so much

        i’m agnostic but fucking christians push me towards atheism

        • It’s like an obnoxious theme park. There’s a Creation Museum in KY too. My daughter and her friends wanted to hate visit it a few summers ago but they were charging around $50 bucks to get in.

          • yeah $50 is a little steep for something you want to hate…lol

            also…..i got curious about the flag my little ark is flying


            huh…..wonder what the significance of that is?


        • No, please don’t. I love stuff like that too but these people are gross. They have been involved in litigation for hiring discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

        • Seconding Hannibal, Cousin Matty!!

          You DON’T wanna give these folks ANY of your money!!!

          The folks behind Ark Encounter aren’t just a bunch of “young earth” kooks–they’re the sort of trash-humans who believe that only their broken version of reality is “Godly” and they’re another version of the sort of theocrats we’re dealing with in Congress & the US Supreme Court, who’d like the rights of everyone *not them* to be eliminated–if not desiring to have those “different than US!” *people* likewise eliminated from the face of the earth!🙃

          More here:


          Here’s the site for Ken Ham;


          And here are his terrible books which are geared toward HIGHLY misinforming Homeschooled Kids;



          I know *of* him, because I follow some ex-vangelical folks online, and some have talked about AIG, Ham, and the rightwing/evangelical/young earth-christianity indoctrination & “education” of kids being Homeschooled (by all accounts, this stuff is BAD, plus, I like &trust Bill Nye the Science Guy!😉😁)

          • @Hannibal @EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme

            I was joking. If I were to show up at The Ark Encounter either I would turn into a pillar of salt or I would cause the others to.

            I once had a very awkward encounter in a small Bavarian church. For different reasons it was a repository of some incredible Counter-Reformation Baroque art but very off-the-beaten-path. I think it was founded and initially funded by an unamarried Wittelsbach woman, but my memory is hazy. The town couldn’t support such a thing and the State of Bavaria and the Federal government gave up so the art was dispersed.

            Anyway, while it was still intact I happened to be there all alone and this little ancient priest appeared and we got talking about some of the depictions. I knew what I was going to see because I had read up beforehand. The priest said, in very heavily accented Bairish, “You know so much, you must be very devout, a very good Catholic.”

            “Um, no, Father.”

            “Evangelisch?” This is a catch-all term for Protestants and some other Christians who aren’t Catholic.

            “Jüdisch?” This means Jewish and was accompanied by a concerned look. But not hateful, let me stress that.

            “No. I’m an Ungläubiger (non-believer).”

            “A great pity. Still, I can hear your Confession if you’d like.”

            I declined, put what few coins I had on me in the little box by the door, and caught the bus back to the other little Bavarian town I was staying in. Luckily I had this all-access transportation youth pass which cost peanuts, which is why I was tramping all over Bavaria during one of the many long university holidays we got.


        • Vikings ya say?🤔🤫😉

          We GOTS those!!😁🤗


          Lily is an excellent protector, when we happen across them, as we journey in search of Pokemon😉

          We also have runestones…. and longships at the Fort!


          There were “viking moorstones” when I was a wee-Emm, too….

          Although I always wondered why in the hell “vikings” would be dragging their boats miles across glacial till (the GREEN spots on the map!), and then bothering to tie them up, halfway up hills, nowhere *near* a lake, river, or even a tiny creek!🤣

          We do real longships pretty well, around these parts, too….They’re even sea-worthy!😁🤗😃

          • I know you do! I think the Sons of Norway Lodge started in Minnesota. And Lil makes an excellent war dog, lol. I’d love to go to the Runestone Museum someday. 

      • We had the Holy Land Experience here. It was a complete boondoggle. They were a tax-free religious theme park, but they agreed to have free admission one day each year to preserve their tax-free status (no, I don’t have any idea how that shit worked — bribery, I expect). So once each year on a completely random day they’d announce “free day” on their web site, with zero notice.

        The horrible place closed up a couple of years ago, and it’s now been sold. There’s just these sad Middle Eastern style buildings sitting empty next to the interstate.


        • I’m glad they closed. The Ark also negotiated all kinds of tax breaks and made promises they had no intention of keeping. And so the lawsuits began. I hope the end up like The Holy Land Experience.

  2. There’s a man in my neighborhood who is building a giant wooden barrel in his backyard. It gets full sun in the afternoon so I doubt he plans on making something yummy in it. I’ve seen giant barrels turned into saunas before. Maybe that’s what he is going for?

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