Happy Hour [9/9/22]

I need a drink

My barfly days are long behind me, so it’s no surprise that I wasn’t aware of the latest hospitality trend – the self-serve taproom. Usually, I’m all for anything that minimizes human interaction. But many people don’t know how to pour a decent draft, even people who think they do. So I’m cringing a little at the thought of all the unintentionally foamy beers.

And it’s not only beer available. In some places, you can also pour craft sodas and cocktails. Nice, but dangerous. I can’t even go into a fro-yo shop without coming out with more than is good for me. And I don’t even really care for frozen dairy desserts. Can you imagine what I’d be like with alcohol? Who’s been to one, and what was your experience like? And as always, what are you drinking, Deadsplinters?



  1. I’ve been to one in El Segundo, near LAX.  The problem is you pay by the ounce and they have so many choices it gets crazy quickly.  It is also pretty pricey.  It was good for me because I know how to pour and it gave me a chance to sample lots of local selections but in all honesty, I enjoyed El Segundo Brewing much more.


  2. One of my few talents for Mixology is being able to pour out a beer with minimal head.  Mostly from hands on experience pouring out beers at a keg party. I have friends (engineers even!) who still (STILL!) can’t pour a beer out sans fizz (technical term) after some 30 years of experience.

    This weekend is my teetotaler week because it’s my main OT weekend so the booze is kept to zero.  I usually have the odd drink on my off weekends (I do have those from time to time.)

  3. I could see it for a sports bar that only sold pitchers of Miller and hosed down the floors every night, but this seems like it would appeal to owners with too much staff turnover to begin with, and there’s no way they’ll maintain all those taps.

  4. We have (or used to have, too lazy to check) places like this in DC. The taps are built into the booths, so you never have to get up. I’ve been to one once, but got in a huge fight with my arch nemesis and had to leave early.


  5. I have been to one of the tap-yourself places! It was during a vacation with a friend last fall. The place was also a video arcade and there was a bad rainstorm so we were the only customers and had a fucking blast playing skeeball, etc.

    I only had 2 small hard ciders because I was the driver and it was bad weather. But as was mentioned above, it got expensive quickly.

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