Happy Hour [3/1/20]

You don’t have to drink alone.

Have you seen this story about the Kentucky woman trying to use dog piss to pass her drug test? https://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Police-Bell-Co-woman-used-her-dogs-urine-in-drug-test-566624391.html

How did she get it into the specimen cup? What breed was the dog? Who’s caring for the good pup now?



  1. If it was a female dog it is easy. One of our dogs has Cushing’s disease. Her pee needs checked when she goes in for tests every two months. I follow her out with the “pee plate” and slip it underneath her when she starts to go. When she is done I pour it in the pee cup and away we go. It is a sight to see.

    • Anybody know how to post pics in comments?

      • I think myo is still working on it. Once we’re all able we’ll have a weekly pet pic feature.

      • Hopefully not until this story is forgotten.

      • as of right now (only i can post whatever i want in the comments), you should at least be able to post images under 70kb…memeweaver seems to be able to post images in the comments, but i have yet to reach out. it’s on my “to do” list, unfortunately it’s currently nowhere near the top of it. for now, please bear with me.

    • Interesting! Poor pup,I hope she’s feeling well. Sounds like you take good care of her.

  2. …you never HAVE to drink alone

    …isn’t that why they say god is always with you?

    • I kind of prefer drinking alone. Is that weird?

      • …depends…so long as it’s because that way you actually enjoy it I think you’re good

        …if it’s because your favorite time for a quiet drink is before anyone else gets up for breakfast…that might be a bit different?

      • it’s PREFERABLE!

  3. Lol, definitely not! I usually don’t start until late evening. I just find it more enjoyable when the house is quiet and I’m reading a book.

    • …sounds like a recipe for a lovely evening to me, then…

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