Happy Monday! [DOT 2/5/22]

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was semi-productive and relaxing. Also I might’ve spent $300 at Total Wine. [shrug emoji]

Ukraine updates:

Approval for Biden Ukraine aid request likely after Pelosi Kyiv visit, McCaul says

How the ‘jack-in-the-box’ flaw dooms some Russian tanks

‘Safe-passage operation’ evacuates 100 people from besieged Mariupol steelworks

What a hack.

Dr Oz dropped by Columbia amid pro-Trump Republican Senate run – report


NFL draft 2022 winners and losers: surprisingly competent Jets and a Patriots slip


Stock futures are flat after the Nasdaq posts worst month since 2008

Today’s turtle content:


Have a great day!



  1. Some?  The Russians have their entire tank force based on the T-72 tank which places the ammo in a ring around the turret which makes for easy access, but deadly if it gets hit in the turret.  US Tanks of WW2 had similar issues, but they resigned the ammo magazine so that it is hidden behind blast doors to prevent that from happening.

    Anti tank missiles like Javelin and NLAW are designed for top attack of the turret which has the weakest armor so most hits on the top of the turret are fatal (for the tank and crew.)

    This is why the Russians welded cages on top of the turrets, but it doesn’t work.  US shouldn’t laugh as they did the same thing in Vietnam (using chicken wire fences) to prematurely detonate RPGs.

    Similar problem the Brits had in WW1 when in the name of efficiency kept large amounts of ready ammo/propellant in the turrets, refused to keep fire doors closed and didn’t design shunts in passageways leading from the magazine.  This lead to the disaster at the Battle of Jutland where three battlecruisers were lost when the Germans hit their turrets starting flash cordite fires that quickly spread right into the magazines.

    Their squadron commander remarked “There is something bloody wrong with our ships today.”

    Similar to the fate of the HMS Hood in WW2 when the Bismark did the same damn thing.

    • Right, for most of the DC press corps things that are true and known and can be reported aren’t news, what matters is what someone says even when it’s false. Especially when it’s false.

      So getting out the open complicity of Republicans and Putin isn’t a story — but whitewashing whatever baseless lies they tell is a story. The fact that Esper said this is treated as news, but not the thing itself. Or for that matter, the eagerness of the DC press to cover things up isn’t news. But it’s treated as a scandal when someone does journalism that violates the unwritten rules of the club.

      • I believe they are courting. Sheldon flaps his flippers at us when he wants attention, so I think the flapping turtle is trying to impress a mate. They also flap when they’re begging … which tracks, when you think about it, doesn’t it? Male turtles are always smaller than females, so it seems likely he’s trying to get her attention.

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