Happy Monday [DOT 3/10/22]

Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was pretty uneventful. It was rainy and gross here. I did some shopping, cleaning, etc. I also had Book Club, which is always fun.

Brazil election:

Brazil election 2022: live results from the presidential race

Ukraine updates:

Ukraine live briefing: U.S., U.K. say Russia’s retreat from Lyman ‘significant,’ hurts its ability to resupply troops


This is interesting!

This 100% solar community endured Hurricane Ian with no loss of power and minimal damage


Crypto Exchange Coinbase Temporarily Halts Payments and Withdrawals From US Bank Accounts

Little MegMeg had just moved to Maryland a few years before this happened…It was terrifying!

The D.C. snipers terrorized a region. Here’s what it was like.

#RIP to an impressive lady!

Madame Wu, famed California restaurateur, dies at 106

Today in cuteness:

Have a great day!



  1. Madame Wu’s original location on Wilshire in Santa Monica was fabulous. While it was still at that location I had a friend who lived nearby in Venice and was just starting out in The Industry and he took me there two or three times.

    I found this article about LA “tiki culture” and there’s an image of the Wilshire location. By the time I got there they had updated but this is what it looked like in its heyday (scroll down; it’s the third image.)


    • Hurricane Ian follow-up.

      If true, this is unbelievable. Apparently Lee County (home of Naples and Ft. Myers) chose to not order evacuations. CNN is citing anecdotal reports of “hundreds of bodies.”


      Remember what I told you yesterday about storm surge?


      Sanibel Island was basically wiped out. Literally, like a big hand just scraped almost everything off the island.


      And yes, Rhonda Santis was fucking off, spending his time shipping Texas immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard instead of doing his job, and the Florida home insurance market will collapse. Thank you all in advance for your tax dollars that will get sucked up by Florida to rebuild this mess. You think rebuilding Puerto Rico was expensive? Wait until you pay for those coastal condos. And thanks for the link, Loveshaq. I should have known Rhonda was on the take from insurance companies.

      Lee County is 60% Republican, so look for Rhonda Santis to waive all his fucked-up voter suppression laws to let the survivors vote for him by mail-in ballots and dropboxes. But only for Lee County for white people.

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