Happy Monday! [DOT 31/1/22]

Welcome to the last DOT of January, 2022. Did January go by crazy fast for you like it did for me?

Rent is too damn high.

Rents are up 40 percent in some cities, forcing millions to find another place to live

Shot. [UP cuts security budget.]

Scores of guns stolen from trains cause more problems in L.A.

Chaser. [Record profits.]


Highlights from the Bengals’ win over the Chiefs in the AFC championship game


Stock futures fall slightly ahead of final January session, S&P heads for worst month since March 2020

More Stonks!

Keeping an eye on SPOT today…

Spotify makes public platform rules that cover Covid-19 misinformation. Will it be enough?


‘I’m really just high on life and beauty’: the woman who can see 100 million colours


Today’s Turtle Content:

The world’s oldest living land animal? At age 190, it’s Jonathan the tortoise.

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  1. I greatly enjoyed WKRP in Cincinnati.

    It was a great comedy in an era of great TV sitcoms. Smarter than most and still watchable today.

    Didn’t care for Head Of The Class.


    • Yeah, Head of the Class was strictly mediocre. It also suffered from the same problem as a lot of TV shows set in high school. You start with 20-somethings playing students and if the show lasts 5 years you’re looking at 30-somethings playing high school kids. Plus you’ve got the problem of kids going to high school for too many years. See also: Welcome Back, Kotter; Fame; Glee; and so on. I’m not even going to try to list Disney shows. You get high school “boys” with receding hairlines.

      Glee tried hard to shift to a newer cast/move kids to college in the final couple of years but it was too late.

      Honestly, the showrunners for high school shows should commit to dumping and replacing two cast members each year. You get a breakout star? Wish them well and turn them loose to do another project.

  2. Convoy of Anti-Vax Nazi flag waving trucker loons ends up in Ottawa.  Goes over as well as an event with pissing on War memorials, desecrating the Terry Fox monument, dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, bullying staff at a soup kitchen for food and throwing beer and possible shit does.

  3. Have you read it? I really enjoy his Defector stuff, but I read an earlier book of his about being a dad, and, uh, hmm. I didn’t think long form was his strength. But this has gotten a lot of good press, so I’m open to it being better.

    • I remembered Magary from… DeadSpin? One of the old Gawker sites, anyway. So when I spotted his name on a book in the sci-fi section at the library, I grabbed it. The Postmortal was creepy and kind of horrifying because (especially in retrospect, now that we live in the age of Covid and anti-vaxxers) yeah, lots of people are pretty awful beings. It’s one of those books that has stuck around in the back of my brain. I do recommend it, though.

  4. This piece by Washington Post media columnist (and former NY Times public editor) Margaret Sullivan lays out the dangers of the Palin defamation claim against the Times.


    What I hadn’t grasped is what was revealed in an article she linked to about how the editorial that launched the suit was hatched.


    I think it explains a lot that the Times editorial page appears to be run on the “Live From New York! It’s The Times Editorial Page!” model.

    In the same way that overbearing in-house politics at SNL and dysfunctional organizational culture has led to hackish writing, Jimmy Fallon, endlessly recycled content, and talented people like Key and Peele being rejected, the Times appears to be run the same way.

  5. Meg, THANKS for that “Neat” story link, on the lady with tetrachromacy!

    I thiiiiink that you may have explained something for me, that I asked my eye doctor about, sometime around a decade ago😉

    That was the appointment where I learned that even after my eyes changed and weren’t “quite as sharp” as they used to be, I still had 20/15 vision (probably aided by the fact that I have one “nearsighted” eye, while the other is “farsighted,” tbh!)…

    I’d asked that eye Dr about “the little dots of colors” I see–even on black and white surfaces–Especially in bright sunlight… and She thought it probably had something to do with the fact that I had “better than average” acuity, especially since, from as far back as i can remember, i regularly read all of the 20/13 line (and even most of the 20/10 line, back when I was a child!)…

    Then when I googled more about tetrachromacy, I found a couple interviews where the interviewees spoke about something basically like what I’ve seen my whole life😉😄🤣💖

    And cross-searching ^that^ *plus* ASD’s, made it allll make sense, because apparently a decade+ ago, there were studies that showed links between ASD, differences in brain development in the visual areas, and hyperacuity…

    So THANKS, because that article helped explain a whole lot  of weird things I’ve wondered about, for a couple decades now!😉😄😆🤣💖💫


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