Happy Saturday! [DOT 10/12/22]

Look, I still don’t really know what’s going on. Today I had to do a week’s worth of work in 9 hours, basically. Now that I’m feeling better I had to be productive. I was missing my afternoon nap for sure.

And now I’ve pulled a RIP and am writing this at [checks time] 3:23 AM.

Trump news

Federal judge declines to hold Trump in contempt of court

This is fine everything is fine

Attacks on Pacific north-west power stations raise fears for US electric grid


U.S. soccer journalist Grant Wahl dies while covering World Cup in Qatar


Elon Musk could lose world’s richest person title as Tesla value almost halves

What the what?

Baby whose parents refused blood from vaccinated donors undergoes lifesaving heart surgery

Happy Caturday!

Have a great weekend!



  1. The sourcing for that Trump contempt article is 100% Trump’s side. I pretty strongly suspect, based on the judge, that this isn’t a final order and isn’t as friendly to him as they present.

    • …I could very well have the wrong end of the stick about this…but to me it seems a bit like asking for the contempt ruling might have been more of an opening move than a last ditch?

      …I don’t know how they rated their chances of actually winning that…but they started with just a request from the NRA…got nothing…went to a grand jury…got nothing…got a warrant…& got a bunch of stuff

      …that bunch of stuff came with a curious affidavit that was specific about being non-specific…a promise not that this was everything but that someone faithfully asserted what they’d been told…most of which turned out to be yet more bullshit

      …then a supposedly independent bunch found some more classified shit someplace else…which makes a seemingly good case that his legal team have been operating in something less than good faith

      …they didn’t get held in contempt this time…but…they can’t be feeling comfortable knowing the guy theoretically paying them thinks he’s buying indemnity even if it fails to extend to them

      …& it strikes me there’s not really any reason to believe there isn’t more shit DoJ either know or have reason to believe el fatuouso is holding on to in essentially criminal fashion (+/- nat sec concerns)

      …getting those lawyers to swear on pain of disbarment & potential criminal liability that he’s clean when they know he isn’t has worked for him over the years but it’s much harder to get away with when your lawyers know they’re under this kind of scrutiny?

      …maybe  clutching at straws…I know there’s all manner of ways for him to wriggle out with little to no real harm befalling him…let alone convictions & jail time & other just deserts

      …but…I guess I think it’s also possible the DoJ is holding more cards than the ones I’ve seen…& he has an increasingly bad hand…& a history of managing to lose even when he was the house…so…I’m sticking with cautious optimism about where the legal path ultimately takes him?

    • It just dawned on my that one of the charms of the original Star Trek was to believe that women in the 25th century would be wearing beehives and mini-skirts, and now I see that in Star Trek:TNG the men will be wearing late-80s haircuts.

    • Fuck the Real Estate Trusts. I’ve been told they’re a great investment, but damned if I’m investing in assholes who turn homes into apartment buildings and help jack up real estate bubbles (wish they’d do that here.)

      One of the “great” US Amercians who deeply invested in this is Sean “Waterboard Me Never” Hannity.

    • A report just came out within the last week that showed that as of 2020 6% of single family homes in New Jersey were owned by corporations. No doubt it’s only going to get worse. One thing I didn’t realize is that the towns where this goes on has to allow for rental housing to begin with, not all do, and these towns tend to be poorer and more transient.

  2. I just use an old gas station cup to toss birdseed to the ground now. Been doing that for about 8 months after I just gave up on squirrels destroying my bird feeders. The only one they leave alone is the finch feeder, and that’s only because they don’t eat thistle seeds.

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