Happy Saturday! [DOT 16/7/22]

Hope you are having a good weekend so far.

Brain Drain will be along shortly to keep you properly entertained. In the meantime…

Biden pledges executive action after Joe Manchin scuppers climate agenda

Biden says he confronted Saudis directly on Khashoggi

Daughter of doctor who gave 10-year-old an abortion faced kidnapping threat

Former Overstock CEO testifies to January 6 committee for nearly 8 hours

Iowa library temporarily closes after full-time staff leaves following complaints about ‘liberal agenda’ in book selection


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  1. and today in vintage dutch music (a proud tradition i just started that has fuck all to do with the date)

    fuck…i woke everyone singing along….. (i mean its a song about thinking i’m not good enough coz im poor…hits a snare that)

    fuckit im in singalong mode now

    a love song to the best city in the netherlands

    and yes that is my dutch accent

    • This would make an excellent DUAN: Songs that celebrate your favorite city.

      Tiny Tim, contrary to popular (my) belief, was a native Manhattanite and lived and worked in New York until at least his early 30s.

        • He was 6’1″ Here’s how he got his name:

          In 1963, he landed his first paying gig at Page 3, a gay and lesbian club in Greenwich Village, playing 6 hours a night and 6 nights a week for $96 per month. For the next two years, he performed as “Dary Dover”, and after that, “Sir Timothy Timms”. After being booked to follow a “midget” act, his manager, George King, billed the 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) Khaury using the ironic stage name “Tiny Tim”, which would later become his signature name.[11][13]

          Note the $96/month salary. That’s why you sometimes read memoirs or novels set in Greenwich Village in the 1950s or 1960s and people are paying $40 a month for one-bedroom apartments. Because of rent-stabililzation and succession rights you still hear about people living in rent-stabilized apartments and paying like $300 a month, but I’m pretty sure those apartments aren’t really habitable because the landlords haven’t spent a nickel on maintaining them since somewhere around the fiscal collapse of 1975.



  2. BUT I don’t want to hijack this thread and turn it into AM Radio DUAN. So here’s some news. Apparently you can get away with almost anything, or maybe anything at all, on the Queen’s private estates:


    Wait until Meghan hears about this. “Harry, you did WHAT? Shot the hen harriers?” “It was a youthful indiscretion. I was only 23, wasn’t I, and I got bored [voice changes, looks at floor] at me gran’s house, so me ‘n me mate f’ought we ha’ a bit o’ fun and…” “Stop talking like you’re on ‘Love Island’.”

  3. Libraries are under siege by MAGAs. I think the primary issue is that they are used extensively by seniors and religious nuts “homeschooling” their disciples … uh, kids. The other major group is the poor and homeless, but they typically try to stay under the radar, barring a few mental health cases.

    Essentially, liberals have abandoned the libraries except for staff, which skews liberal because a) education and b) brains. My wife’s new library is an early polling location, and she’s dreading it. It’s going to bring in a whole flood of Republicans looking for reasons to be outraged.

    It’s a constant tug of war because libraries don’t stock the shelves with conservative crap — nobody reads any of it and it never checks out. Eventually they have to weed it, and then MAGAs squeal about “censorship” though none of them ever check the Coulter and Hannity books out.

    • That site has the same ads as Breitbart, that bothers me. It bothers me in the same vein that David packman sounds a lot like Chris plant to a degree More calm more reasonable but when you really listen to him he’s doing very similar stuff to right-wing pundits and that bothers me tremendously.

      • I never noticed because I’ve never visited Breitbart. I also don’t see the MAGA ads that Hannibal mentions. Amazon and CenturyLink are all I see. My assumption is that it serves up ads based on algorithms, so I don’t see MAGA stuff.

        That’s interesting, though. It’s not a true news site — it pulls stories from other locations and I visit it because the other locations are often behind paywalls. For example, this is drawn from the Washington Post. I’m a subscriber, but not everyone is.


        It sounds like it might just be a cynical cash grab for liberals? I do find it a useful aggregator, with the caveat that a lot of the stuff is sensationalized.

        • I get these non stop annoying “I’m making billions off Audible” ads with that flaky wife of the dipshit”Amazon” twins. Is it wrong that I want those whiny goofy twins and anyone associated with them to be shot into the sun with a railgun?

          • Yeah, that’s the flaw in my theory. Don’t forget though that Alexa and Hey Google are listening to pretty much every conversation you have near them (if you use those). Not that you’re screaming “Alexa, fuck MAGAs” but that’s totally understandable.

  4. They need to kick Joe Manchin off the energy and natural resources committee.  He should have never been on it in the first place.  He should be treated like the pariah he is!

    Who has Eastman in the Trump fall guy office pool?


    Remember when Biden’s dog bit the secret service agent?  He got punished for that but I would like to say “whooooo’s a goooood boy?”

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