Happy Saturday! [DOT 22/4/23]

Good morning! Hope you had a great week… Last night I sat outside with my neighbors and had a couple few drinks. When I got home, Fritz was still mad at me for taking him to the vet. He seems to have forgiven me by this morning, or at least he is just hungry so he is willing to ‘speak’ to me. Very exciting Friday night, let me tell you!

A slight reprieve

Supreme Court preserves access to key abortion drug as appeal proceeds

What?!?! Canadians, weigh in!

Thieves steal nearly $15M in gold, other cargo in Toronto airport heist


This is a fun read for a Saturday

‘Men my age aren’t good on their own. They’re needy’: Lesley Manville on being happily single and her big problem with Hollywood

Happy Caturday!

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. This is a solid look at the rise and fall of DeSantis in terms of who was backing him:


    We’re seeing lots of commentary now about all the mistakes DeSantis is making or has made. Be skeptical of that. The issue is more that his whole Trump-slaying candidacy was basically a mirage. If DeSantis didn’t exist his supporters would have had to invent him. And they did invent him, because he doesn’t exist.

    An absolutely perfect example is this Bret Stephens column from five months ago (only five months!) headlined “Donald Trump is Finally Finished” which all but anoints DeSantis as the new leader of the GOP.

    what the Republican base sees in DeSantis is everything it likes about Trump — the combativeness and self-belief and disdain for elite opinion — minus the personal baggage and habits of self-sabotage. In the battle for the affections of American conservatives, the ex-president increasingly feels like the jealous paunchy spouse, the governor like the attractive and successful neighbor.


    Marshall follows up with an obvious point.

    what’s definitely not going to work is running to be the successor to the adored Trump while Trump is still there running to be the successor to himself. State it plainly like that and it’s obvious.

    All of these clowns think they can square that circle when they can’t. Haley, Scott, Pompeo. The only plausible path to dethroning Trump is a candidate who says something like this: “You know what? F*ck Trump!…”

    Pundits like Bret Stephens and the oligarchs he speaks for are deluded. They think there’s a way to replace Trump without breaking the mindset of the Trump voters, because they are scared that might embolden the Democrats. There is no way to finesse it.

    Marshall notes that actually beating Trump this way is very hard, but it’s still better odds than what they’ve been doing. But the Stephens wing is both too dumb and too timid to see any of this. And now they’ve wasted precious time on DeSantis which they’ll never get back.

  2. Catto is like “if I fits, I sits” and also “these are my bebes now, fuck off.” I imagine anyone going for eggs is going to be smacked with a paw.

    Also that was a fantastic read from the Guardian about Lesley Manville.

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