Happy Tuesday! [NOT 21/6/22]

Hi, friends!

How did your day go?

Today I panicked and thought I have covid again. I went to the plant store because I needed basil for the garden and hadn’t bought it yet.

So I look at the basil and the variety is one I hadn’t seen before. I went to smell it and no smell. And I tried a different leaf, no smell. Here I am thinking oh fuck if I can’t smell basil… what’s wrong with my nose…. oh fuck do I have covid again?

Then I walked over to a lavender plant and crushed a leaf and whew, that smelled amazing.

tl;dr Tulsi holy basil smells nothing like Genovese basil, despite being called basil.



  1. It was the Mondayest Tuesday of the summer so far. But we left work early to have a drink and Tiramisu for my Bday and then I came home and took a nice walk.

  2. I started looking for vaccines for my kids. Specifically Moderna for my 4 and 2 year olds. The vaccine rollout isn’t going great in Seattle. The hospitals seem to be the only providers who are willing to or allowed to inject kids under 3 years old and they won’t be receiving their shipment of doses until August. Some pharmacies offer vaccines for 3 and up but I had to book a place 30min from where I live to get the Moderna vaccine. And one unlucky small clinic is the only place listed on the gov website which provides all the vaccines to kids of all age groups. They had to add a banner to their website to beg the public to stop phoning and emailing them as they only have enough vaccines for their current roster of patients.

  3. My sister came over and brought 6 boxes of books for me to go through. I kept about 2 small boxes worth, at least half of which will be read and passed on. The rest I will bring to Half-Price Books next time I visit Bestie. Not the best option for getting rid of books, maybe, but the easiest one that gives me a little cash.

    Also, it was really good to see my sis since, even though we live 10 minutes from each other, I haven’t seen her since, oh, January! We text or talk almost every day, but hardly ever actually get to hang out.

  4. Finally booked an appointment with my chiropractor for my damn back. She’s moved from various clinics but her clinical hours haven’t line up with my schedule till now.

    Also, I kinda hope the pain would ease off, but I think I worked way too much OT and aggravated everything again.

  5. went pretty good for me…but then…im on staycation..spent the day wandering about people watching

    ive set myself the goal of at least 20k steps per day for the duration of my holiday..mostly so i dont park my ass in the shade somewhere and drink beer for 2 weeks

    so far ive been beating my daily goal…today im wandering out of town and heading for the woods i think

    tomorow is going to be challenging…forecast pushing 90f and 70% humidity….gonna be thirsty work doing anything

    but hey…least im not stuck in the shop without ac 🙂

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