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A grim milestone.

800,000 Americans have died of COVID. Now the U.S. braces for an omicron-fueled spike

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Text messages to Meadows renew focus on Trump’s inaction during Jan. 6 attack


Kentucky candle factory bosses threatened to fire those who fled tornado, say workers


Ethics commission orders former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to give state back earnings from $5.1M pandemic book deal

Zebras in Maryland have been caught after months on the run, officials say


Daniel Snyder pledged support for the NFL’s investigation. His actions tell a different story.


$300,000 Bored Ape NFT sold for $3,000 because of misplaced decimal point

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  1. Sorry to do this here, I checked the “how to ” section and can’t figure out how to upload a photo from my phone (my favorite animal etc.) Sorry to bug ya, but can anyone let me know if it is possible and how to do it or where to go to find out?

    • …it’s not a short answer, I’m afraid…there are reasons why but if I try to explain them I’ll garble it…the short version is that you can’t in the literal sense upload a picture directly but it should be possible to embed one that is uploaded elsewhere

      …so, for argument’s sake if you were to have a photo in google’s cloud you could copy the “share” url for it & paste that into a comment by clicking on the image icon in the edit window (it’s the little box with what I think is meant to be a mountain with the sun above it…to the left of the “link” button)

      …someone else may be able to give a shorter/clearer explanation?

        • …could be I’m wrong about it making a difference but I was thinking a share link from google photos rather than drive?

          …I know it works with things like flikr…so I think the difference is that something has to recognise the file is a hosted image rather than a downloadable file

          …I’m clearly not the best person to explain it but hopefully that makes sense?

  2. As you know, the mere mention of the name Andrew Cuomo sets my fingertips a-typing.

    I’ll try to control myself and stick to the dry financials. Our latter-day Pericles of the 518 area code has received only $3 million so far, with more payments due at some later point. If I were a PRH lawyer I think it would take me about 15 minutes to review the contract and conclude that the next payments are voided. Use the ~ $2.1 million in savings to pull copies from the warehouses (their own and those of Amazon, B&N, and wherever else they may have landed) and defray the expense of pulping them.

    Don Corleuomo claims that after taxes and expenses (do you not claim expenses against your taxes?) he netted $1.5 million. One million went into an irrevocable trust for his daughters. Sorry, girls, you’re going to have to get your own grift, like step-mom-ish Sandra Lee, uncle Chris, and aunt Cristina. One of them can go off and marry the hot state trooper boyfriend the Master Grifter exiled to the Canadian border; he (the trooper) was recently given a promotion and transferred to New York City. Finances would be tight but that wouldn’t be a bad life. I’d do it, if I were sure he wasn’t mentally unbalanced.

    The remaining $500,000 was donated to the United Way of the Capital Region (Albany area). That would be kind of a bad look, taking back money, no matter how tainted, from a charity.

    JCOPE (ethics panel) says he has to repay everything, so it’s going to be up to him to tell his daughters and the United Way that sadly times have changed and he needs the cash back after all. Or, and I think this would actually be legal, he could take some ca$h out of his $18 million war chest and litigate this until after his death, like his doppelgänger Trump likes to do. His lawyer, or one of them anyway, has already said, “See you in court.”

    That should prove interesting. Dig that hole deeper.


    • This highlights the stupidity of the old argument from the pundit class about backing Cuomo. They might acknowledge vague issues with him, but argued that he could cut deals.

      This points out how terrible he has always been at cutting deals. He has no idea what the stakes are, he always escalates problems past the point of no return, and he can never come up with a good alternative.

      The underlying issue is they have no clue either, so when he told them he made things work, they just took his word for it, until it all blew up.

      • One of my sisters, at the height of her Mother Bountiful phase, had three children under the age of 6, four cats, and a dog. I asked her, as a childless, cat-free dog-lover/haver, “Who among us is the craziest, the parents, the cat people, or the dog people?” “Hard to say, really, depends on the parents and how closely they smother their kids I guess, but overall I think cat people.”

    • HOLY FUNK, THE TWEETS! Memo to HR: @MegMegMcGee deserves a raise.

      Pam is NOT to apply margarine to any of her coworkers.

      And did I read the part correctly about the 5 unvaccinated hold-outs? Four of them eventually accepted the vaccine because they were denied access to the cats? (Draws up plans for massive cat air-drop into eastern Idaho.)


    • I can’t believe Pam is a volunteer-to-staff person! I volunteer at a shelter and we get the STEWPEDIST questions from gen pop, but the volunteers generally have a good handle on animal care. You don’t butter the cats! And there are some generalities that can be attributed to cats based on coloration or breed. But you’re a lunatic to equate it to race.

  3. It’s gobsmacking how the Meadows article is headlined “Renew Focus on Trump’s Inaction.”

    It’s 30 paragraphs in before we get to Liz Cheney’s point — Trump was letting them run rampant to “corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’s official proceedings to count electoral votes” — IT WAS A COUP!

    It’s true that she phrased it as a rhetorical question, but if you look at a lot of Trump’s paper thin accusations over the years, he phrased many of them as rhetorical questions too, and the press didn’t let them stop that from running up top with an obvious — and baseless- claim.

    True, newsworthy, and wildly engaging, but they bury it, supposedly because of the most hairsplitting reasons. But false and trivial  accusations about Clinton’s emails about wedding plans or Obama’s birth certificate gets top billing.

    They are going to fight the truth all the way.

  4. I can’t believe those zebras were still out there!

    This is for all those Dolly fans I know we have here…


    and as if Trump’s social media company couldn’t get any worst…


    and I know you are all probably sick of me posting stories on this but the more you know, the worst it is…


  5. welp…im just shocked management would threaten to sack people instead of looking out for their safety


    guess thats going to work out really expensively for them this time

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