Happy Wednesday! [DOT 8/6/22]

Hope you are having a great week so far. I had Oreos for dinner, so I’m already there.

There are some primaries going on:

California, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and other states hold primaries

Ukraine Updates:

Russian assault on Sievierodonetsk redoubled after counterattack




Five planets are aligned in night sky for first time in 18 years

Today’s feel good story:

She found $36,000 inside a chair she got for free on Craigslist

Have a great day!



  1. Turtle content!

    Here is the thrilling climax to the all-Wisconsin Chelonian Log Rolling Championships. Here, the Wauwatosa Warriors take on #1-seeded Chippewa Falls Centurions. Only one team will take home the coveted Joseph R. McCarthy* Memorial Cup, named after the Senator who knew a thing or two about log-rolling:

    *I doubt I’ll get a celebrity recipe out of him, but let me tell you two fun facts about Joe McCarthy. First, at the height of the Red Scare witch hunts, he employed both Roy Cohn and a young Robert F. Kennedy (who would go on to become his Presidential brother’s Attorney General; certainly no conflict of interest there) who got the job because his father, Joesph P. Kennedy, was as much of a rabid Red-baiter as McCarthy was, and they were close friends. Second, Greta Van Susteren’s father’s best friend, by far, was ole Tailgunner Joe and he served as best man at Urban Van Susteren’s wedding. Greta was born on June 11, 1954, just as the Army-McCarthy hearings were winding up, which led to family confidante Joe McCarthy’s ignominious end.

      • One of my brothers is in the printing industry and has been to Wisconsin many, many a time. One of my brothers-in-law works (from home) for a company HQ’d in WI. One of my best friends in college was from WI. Three of my friends went to Madison. My first boss at my first real corporate job was from Wisconsin. And, finally, when I was in a position to do so, I hired a subcontractor company based in The Badger State. Pretty good for someone who’s only traveled as close as Chicago. I don’t kwhat it is about me and ‘Sconies: I like them and they seem to like me. It’s the shared love of cheese, no doubt, any and all of the cheese. 

          • He actually designs the presses for paper mills. He’s a mechanical/industrial engineer. His career, by the way, has to taken him to really rural Québéc, like fly into QC and then drive seven hours or more due north. The towns are very interesting in their own way: they’re completely company towns, everyone either chops down the trees or is involved in their arboreal conversion into paper. My brother reliably informs me that few willingly move to towns like this and few leave (partly because their French is unintelligible to even other French Canadians) so after you get a few generations of everyone, through marriage and birth, slowly taking on the same last name…

    • McCarthy and Cohn, along with J. Edgar Hoover, were not just rabid commie witch hunters, they also went on vicious campaigns against gays, which of course was complete hypocrisy.

      There’s a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that this group carried out its attacks because they were being blackmailed by people outside the US. And they benefitted from a lot of hacks in the press who lived off of intel fed to them by these three, as well as an establishment perspective that conservative closeted men were OK in a way that liberal gays were not.

      • Have you ever seen the movie “J. Edgar”? It was magnificent. And here’s the unlikely lot who brought the whole thing together:

        J. Edgar is a 2011 American biographical drama film based on the career of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, directed, produced and scored by Clint Eastwood.[4] Written by Dustin Lance Black, the film focuses on Hoover’s life from the 1919 Palmer Raids onward. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, Armie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, and Judi Dench. It marked Adam Driver‘s film debut.

        • In that same genre, powerful gay people living in DC during the McCarthy era, I can highly recommend Thomas Mallon’s novel Fellow Travelers. That would make a good limited-episode streaming series. Ryan Murphy could do it, if he didn’t have 1,000 other things he was working on. Maybe Stephen Frears could do it, he did “A Very English Scandal”, which was also superb.

        • I haven’t, although I read that it unfortunately perpetuated the idea that Hoover wore women’s clothing, which was probably not true. Unlike his de facto marriage to his top lieutenant Clyde Tolson, which undoubtably was true.

          There have been some really silly attempts by a few historians to say they were just really, really, really close friends who just happened to spend all of their private time together. But doing this always seems to end up in the service of minimizing Hoover’s focus on blackmail of both gays and straight men like MLK Jr. The goal of this subset of historians seems to be to treat Hoover as someone ultimately grounded in convictions, instead of someone who was regularly manipulated.

          • In the movie the wearing of women’s clothing only comes up once, and in a very surprising and kind of moving way. We never see him doing it again, so it’s kind of a graceful attempt to acknowledge all the rumors but maybe debunk them at the same time?

            Leo and Armie, as I refer to them, because in my mind we are superclose, have to play young go-getters in the 1920s all the way through to elderly men in the early 1970s, and they do a great job of it. Whoever did the makeup/”special effects” deserved an Oscar, if they didn’t receive one.

    • No word from the USA Network if their show is being cancelled, though. I’d love to see NBC News reporters pressed to explain how they can justify operating under the same parent company that seems to be running PR for a multimillion dollar criminal enterprise.

  2. Honestly I think McConaughey did a good job. The right is all mad at his gun owning, 2A supporting practical and logical ideas so you know he hit a nerve. I have a friend who leans libertarian (eye roll) but is also a parent and they are fine with all of this.

  3. I was taking a friend to the airport this morning when we had a massive thunderstorm with a fuckton of rain. Definitely learned a new spot that flash floods and was extremely lucky I didn’t get in an accident.

    Perdido – 170 northbound at the Delmar underpass holy fuck that flooded quickly.

  4. Lauren Bobo is now in deep shit at least in Colorado.

    That group that decided to go after the Gun Princess tied together all her “expenses” and “reimbursements” with her tax liens against her Ptomaine and Gun Friendly restaurant.

    She’s been using her campaign funds to pay for everything it seems which is still a big no-no.

    Bobo is showing she’s dumber than the iron she carried as owner of her Ptomaine and Gun Friendly restaurant.

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