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Happy Saturday gang. It’s a long weekend and I took DOT duty for today and tomorrow.

However, I am traveling and may or may not have time to add links.

So you’ll have to help out below the line, but I imagine it goes something like this:

Some absolutely insane and inane thing done by Trump!

Some idiot Sprots dude with a bad opinion.

Jeff Bezos made another 23 Billion Dollars.

Corona deaths piling up from that Smashmouth concert.

Wildfires out West.

Here’s some puppies!

Get out there and day drink!



  1. Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine showed antibody response in initial trials

    Polina Ivanova, Andrew Osborn

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s “Sputnik-V” COVID-19 vaccine produced an antibody response in all participants in early-stage trials, according to results published on Friday by The Lancet medical journal that were hailed by Moscow as an answer to its critics.

    The results of the two trials, conducted in June-July this year and involving 76 participants, showed 100% of participants developing antibodies to the new coronavirus and no serious side effects, The Lancet said.

    Russia licensed the two-shot jab for domestic use in August, the first country to do so and before any data had been published or a large-scale trial begun.

    “The two 42-day trials – including 38 healthy adults each – did not find any serious adverse effects among participants, and confirmed that the vaccine candidates elicit an antibody response,” The Lancet said.

    “Large, long-term trials including a placebo comparison, and further monitoring are needed to establish the long-term safety and effectiveness of the vaccine for preventing COVID-19 infection,” it said. …


    • Obviously there’s no reason to trust Russia on this, but even if there was, the number of participants make it a woefully underwhelming study (and I’m always skeptical of a reported 100% or 0% response) for justifying committing resources to vaccine production. The Lancet has published for reasons other than medical relevance in the past and I think this is one of those cases again (namely that it was a big international news story).

      • if you (or anybody else) understand the following, can you please try to explain it a bit?

        The Sputnik-V vaccine is administered in two doses, with each based on a different vector that normally causes the common cold: human adenoviruses Ad5 and Ad26.
        Some experts have said using this delivery mechanism could make a COVID-19 vaccine less effective, as many people have already been exposed to the Ad5 adenovirus and developed immunity to it.

        does it mean that covid-19 and the common cold have some similar parts? ad5 and ad26?
        are people already immune to ad5/ad26, immune to covid-19 too?

        • …while I’m very much not a doctor I believe it might work along these lines

          …many things fall under the heading of *a* coronavirus & amongst those one of the ones we never seem to have found an actual cure for but which largely isn’t more than a nuisance is the one we call the common cold

          …the principle that a vaccine works by is (roughly speaking) to prime the body by prompting the immune system to produce appropriate antibodies with which to combat an actual infection

          …given that the common cold is very much in the section of the venn diagram labelled “herd immunity” most people already have that tool available in the immune system’s arsenal & thus the added impetus provided by this vaccine isn’t bringing as much to the table where a *novel* virus is concerned since it merely duplicates a form of immunity that is both widespread & not one that can fend off the new virus or it wouldn’t have been a problem

          …from my limited understanding of virology it’s at least possible that it might help up the mine system’s game & point it in approximately the right direction so I suppose that there may be some merit to the approach

          …the results of the trial are suspect, though…& ockham’s razor certainly suggests it is more likely that it suits putin to make grandiose claims he can’t in reality back up in order to promote the idea that russia is ahead of the efforts in the west to produce an effective vaccine…partly in the eyes of the rest of the world but also at home

          …russians (being more used to adjusting for the ways they’re lied to by the state) may find that sort of thing less than convincing but it seems like SOP for the current regime…& sounds about as hollow as their claims not to have poisoned yet another person with apparent impunity while barefaced lying about it in tones of strident faux-indignation?

        • Months back like… February-ish? NPR/MPR had some reports that talked about how “the Common Cold” *is* typically a coronavirus–which is why it’s ALWAYS been so difficult to eliminate (viral, which mutates FREQUENTLY, etc.)

          Eta, my Google skills *were* able to get back into the stuff from back then!😉–it was JANUARY;

  2. This is a little late but I am obsessed by this Jessica Krug creature:
    Rachel Dolezal dialed up to 11! Or 110! Which, fine, people shade the truth about their backgrounds, resume-padding has been around for as long as resumes were ever considered (which is very recent and still not mandatory; not what you know but who you know…)
    When this story broke I asked my Black husband if he thought I could pass for Black. “Just the opposite. You could pass for a Windsor, and I mean one of the Germans, not Meghan Markle.”

    • What possesses a person to do this? It’s like Stolen Valor, claiming a struggle you never lived. I look racially ambiguous. I’ve had people assume I’m Latinx, Jewish, Arabic. And it has never occurred to me to pretend to be any of those. 

      • “I’ve had people assume I’m Latinx, Jewish, Arabic.”
        Hannibal, you have me SUPER curious (mostly because I grew up in VERY german/middle-european & northern-european “Scandihoovia”…and we had quite a few folks who would get asked similar “where did your family come from?” questions–asking YOUR list of places, along with assumptions about them maybe being partially Native, or Black!)…
        Did you have ancestors who came over from the Bohemian region of Europe, too?
        MOST(maybe all?) of them had ancestry in Bohemia–some were “German,” some “Czech,” some “Polish,” etc., depending on *when* their relatives had immigrated.
        I’ve had some friends & acquaintances since High School, too, who have gotten that same set of guesses, and almost ALL of them have also had Bohemian ancestry (ironically, the two who didn’t, and who mentioned getting that question –especially “are you Latinx?” often, both had a parent who was Egyptian😉)

        • German grandma. She had almond shaped eyes that one of my sisters inherited. She’s often asked if she has Asian or Native American ancestry. But my mothers side is Italian although we suspect some Norther African or possibly Turkish ancestors. My aunts all look like Rashida Tlaib.

          • Thanks! And apologies for the TOTAL aside!
            But your comment SO reminded me of the questions all the women I know, who also get *that same exact set* of guesses (and YES, to what you’ve said your sister & aunties look like! Because to a woman, ALL those ladies I know could say the same😁😉🤗)

      • There’s a lot of discussion about what does possess a person to do this. In Rachel Dolezal’s case I think it’s verging on a related aspect of gender dysphoria. Like she felt Black, somehow, and had a Black partner, I think, and has at least one kid through him, but that gets into all kinds of “how Black is Black enough?” We have very close friends who are a biracial couple. The wife is biracial but very light-skinned. The husband, who’s WASPier than I am, had no idea that his girlfriend had any Black background at all, until he met the Black father and her siblings, who are considerably darker than she is. She wasn’t “passing,” it just didn’t come up, but this was in the 90s.
        I think with Ms Krug, it was to be taken seriously in academia. Imagine being on the hiring committee and considering a candidate to teach in the African Studies department. “Oh yes, let’s go with the white Jewish woman…” No, probably not. But then it descended into multiple personality disorder. Very sad, but in that Post article (I know, I shouldn’t be encouraging traffic to the New York Post) it sounds like she was a menace to all who came upon her. How she was a resident of East Harlem and teaching in DC is mysterious to me. 

    • Cousin Matthew, you’d better be DEMANDING an apology, after that insult!!!
      THAT’S potentially a glove-in-the-face, “Do you prefer Swords or Pistols on the Green at Dawn?!?”-level slam
      Unless, of course, he doesn’t KNOW about The Habsburg Jaw?

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