Hello Monday, my old friend… [DOT 6/1/20]

…ugh…round & round they go & where they stop no one knows – but to take a quick step back to the late 90s when Tony Benn was still making speeches in the Commons, we shouldn’t have to go far to figure out a few home truths

…either way another good question might be where these assholes started



…& how long they spent putting the word out about how great everything’s going thanks to them


rather than inform any of the sorts of people you might expect before engaging in an international assassination on a unilateral basis – what with that whole “special relationship” between the UK & the US…& Boris & Shut-Up-Donnie-You’re-Out-Of-Your-Element…& – not to put too fine a point on it – their bigger & less seemly sources of friends & financial backing…or hell, even Congress

The White House transmitted on Saturday evening its formal notification to Congress of Friday’s drone strike that killed Soleimani in Iraq, two senior congressional aides told Reuters.



  1. Guess who knowingly worked with Soleimani’s front company?

    From the story – “Ivanka worked extremely closely with the Mammadovs on their absurd tower. In 2015 the Trump Org acknowledged they knew the Mammadovs were likely laundering money for the IRGC. They kept working with them until after the 2016 election.”


    • …oh, sure

      …she “works” at/with all sorts of stuff

      …like hackable voting machine patents & the CES

      …done remarkably well out of her unpasteurized cheese-for-brains daddy being the oval office occupant, wouldn’t you say?

      I believe her fecklessness may have been noted previously…along with something about being complicit…but that’s one lady who’s in no danger of being told she “doth protest too much”…

  2. Sometimes I think my confusion is because people are using European date formats for these posts, but now I’m pretty sure people are just posting from the future.

    • …in fairness I did start out using the US format for the dates but since this way around is what I grew up with when they got re-jigged it was a fairly easy habit to fall back into

      …good of you not to mention the extra 2 in there though, so at least I don’t have to leave the typo in so your comment makes sense?

      • I would give anything for it to be EITHER June 12th or December 6th right now. As it stands, I just keep inching closer to death. I’m ready to fucking rocket.

        • …it’s a shame they say time only flies when you’re having fun

          …given the velocity with which things are happening & impression of many of the players careening about the place with little to no forethought & less about the aftermath you’d sort of expect the temporal physics to involve time whipping by like nobody’s business

          …instead of which each fresh bit of “how the fuck are we come to this?” seems to stretch out like the lifetime flashing before the eyes of a condemned prisoner on the gallows

          …any chance there’s room on that rocket for a hitchhiker or two?

      • The Cracked podcast over the holidays was about time and calendars in different cultures over history. It was pretty cool to dive into some of the different ways to tell and keep time.


        I have the habit of using YY.MM.DD for filing & sorting purposes even though I don’t think it matters like it used to.

        • …thanks for the podcast tip – I thought you were meant to be the old fella but podcasts still arguably qualify as a new trick to this particular vaguely-aged dog

          …think my favorite theory of time is a tie, ironically enough between Xeno’s paradox(es) – mainly the arrow one – & McTaggart’s theory of the unreality of time

          …the paradoxes because the idea of increasingly (indeed infinitely) tiny infinities is endearingly solipsistic & the unreality thing because it would explain a lot about my time-keeping

          • LOL. Not to bore y’all with stories from the olden times but I’ve been into audio-blogging since the days we called it audio-blogging. Mostly because my grammar is shite (as discussed on the Discord the other week) and I’m not that comfortable with writting but I can talk about anything for ever so I started dicating to the computer when Compuserve had that one program with their service.

            My 1st mp3 was the Compaq Jukebox and there were a few news outlets that you could download and listen to but I think it was my Creative NOMAD that had the 1st software for downloading podcasts before iTunes had access.

            The Zune is still my favorite to this day.

            I’m not sure what there was besides some news and a few radio stations that would record their shows and make avaliable but it was 2004 or 2005 when I found The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe and my 1st weekley podcast that I subscribed to.

            • My brother was into podcasts in the very early days too. And used to try to talk me into listening to them. I was so resistant, I thought it was going to be like talk radio. Which, I guess it can be. He finally wore me down and now I’m completely hooked.

  3. I really enjoy Mondays. Fresh start and all that jazz.

  4. Not to beat a dead horse but I want to drop this as many places as I can think of at the moment. This is for the US readers but I’d be curious how other nations do this….

    I was in a thread over on Giz on Friday and over the weekend learned that many people don’t know their Selective Service responsibilities. This was a bit shocking to me and as a PSA wanted to drop this here.


    • I need a refresher on how it works where but I’m pretty sure there’s a couple or more places in Europe where National Service is still a thing?

      I’d agree it’s something a lot of people might wish they’d known more about if things don’t go so great…?

    • Interesting, although it doesn’t apply to me. Let us know when the current idiot ownership over at Giz sells so I can go back and see how badly they managed to fuck it all up.

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