Hello Saturday [DOT 28/1/23]

I’m not posting any of the horrible videos going around; in fact I’m trying to avoid them. Damn you, autoplay.

I hope you have a nice weekend. I’m going to go outside and touch some grass.

Skaters rule.

Skateboarders, activists, family gather to honor Tyre Nichols


Capitol rioter who assaulted Brian Sicknick gets near-seven year sentence

Florida Man strikes again.

Florida Republican sends welcome grenades to fellow Congress members


Wrexham’s success has ‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds pacing like a rabid tiger — in a good way


Stocks close higher Friday, Nasdaq posts fourth week of gains

Maybe stay home for a minute my dude

Jay Leno suffers broken bones in motorcycle accident


Colorado wildlife camera accidentally captures hundreds of adorable ‘bear selfies’

Have a good weekend. Brain Drain will be along shortly to keep you entertained.



  1. I had just had the most illuminating flashback/insight. This Cory Mills Florida Man character might enjoy gifting his colleagues toy grenades (they were toys, I assume) but what about George Santos? We may have to retire the “Florida Man” trope, I thought, because George Santos is not the first resident of Long Island to hit the tabloids in a spectacular way, lest we forget Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher…And then I remembered that almost 30 years I read this brilliant piece by one of my favorite authors, Ron Rosenbaum:


    which tries to dissect why what should be a dull suburban annex is such a fruitful and prolific font of The Wacky. Though the references are a little dated (even I had forgotten Katie Beers) it’s still a joy to read.

    Best of all, I read it during a rare excursion to Long Island. Yes, every summer a friend of mine took a partial share in Southampton (so on Long Island but not of it) and I happened to be be there the weekend this piece appeared. I remember it so vividly. It was really hot even by 9 am, I was desperately hungover and sunburned, and one of the housemates whom I had become chummy with offered me a lift back to Manhattan (at the time every single person in that share house, and there were many, was young and lived in Manhattan) so I didn’t have to deal with the Jitney or, worse yet, the LIRR.

    Those were the days, my friend.

    • I’ve gone back and forth and think I’m going to land on the side of “no.” I wasn’t about to watch it last night and try to sleep. The descriptions in articles I’ve read make me want to cry. Not sure I can handle watching it.

    • I have watched part of it, including the video with the audio.

      It reminded me of one of those intentionally disgustingly graphic scenes that like Tarantino would put in a movie.

      Which as I think about it, is interesting because people like to defend the use of those sorts of scenes because oh the director has vision/is making art/it’s stylized violence/etc etc. But has the same visceral impact of watching and listening to bodycam footage of 5 cops murdering that man.

    • It’s a fascinating snapshot into Republican attitudes toward women. I will never understand why any woman would tolerate their utter misogyny. My momma would have beat his ass.

      • Because they want to be higher in the pecking order then the gays, black people, brown people, etc. because they have the same white supremacy aryan mindset of republican men.

        Ergo, the best way to do that is to ally themselves with the republican party.

  2. Pope Francis has called for an end to antigay laws.


    He says it is still a sin, but LGBTQ people should be welcomed in churches like all people who sin.

    The radical right majority on the US Supreme Court has often used Catholicism as grounds for antigay laws, and so have rightwing Republicans like Bill Barr. US Catholic bishops have been very reactionary on this front and pushed for antigay laws almost as much as they have fought to ban abortion.

    For that matter, alt right types like Steve Bannon have used homophobia as a recruiting tool for right wing movements around the world, often couching it in religious terms.

    We’ll see a lot of the punditry trying to minimize this or deny this even happened and continue to refer to people like Alito and Barr as devout Catholics, instead of the fringe freaks they are.

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