Help Wanted [NOT 25/10/21]

Hi, friends!

I’m going to be out of town next week, and I’m hoping some awesome folks can fill in and manage the NOTs for this Thursday as well as Sunday-Thursday of next week.

Please drop a line in the comments or message me if you can.

NOTs don’t even need to be unique topics, some recurring themes are what are you cooking this week, what are you happy about this week, what is pissing you off this week, unpopular opinions, etc etc.



  1. I could pick up a night if some kind soul could tell me what to do. I, uh, haven’t paid, um, close attention to Myo’s guides (nervous laugh, sideways glance).

    • Thank you! It’s pretty easy, just make sure the category is NOT and that you schedule it for 19:00 (or close enough if you’re running late).

      • OK, but since I am a simpleton, if there is a pointer to the guide it would help me.

        Can this stuff be staged and timed? Reviewed on a test server? Then I can practice ahead of time….

  2. Unfortunately (or, fortunately depending on your particular view), I will be out of town this weekend so I won’t be able to put anything together, much less be particularly visible on the site.

  3. So you’re talking Thursday, 10/28, and then Sunday 10/31 through Thursday, 11/4? You will be seeing a lot from me during this time frame, and that’s not even considering the à propos of nothing comments that I drop indiscriminately, but I’ll take Wednesday, 11/3, if no one objects. I have an idea already and with Better Half temporarily out of the picture doing Very Important Business I could even write it up now and schedule it.

      • It’s done and scheduled, that was easy, but the intro to the topic is very brief so I didn’t put as much work into it as you do for yours.

  4. We are doing Friday and Saturday anyway, may as well pick up the surrounding Thursday and Sunday. So the 28th through the 31st, shazam, covered.

  5. I’d like to help. Let me know which date(s) nobody else wants.

  6. 1 am for me…so i cant…im already being naughty staying up for the duan

    probably wont be doing that for most of the week either…..need my beauty sleep

  7. I’m not able to help with the NOT’s, because I still can’t quite grok my brain around “how to post” older here…


    But I AM going to use the OT part of the NOT to recommend both 3M’s Command Picture Hanging Strips, and dollar-tree self-stick velcro dots!😉🤪


    Lily’s been having some bladder/kidney issues this past week (I’m hoping to get her in at the vet within the next 3 days, I just had to wait for my paycheck to hit the bank).


    Annnnd that means that she’s been having accidents fairly regularly.😕

    I got a 100-pack of puppy pads from the grocery store, and was using tape to hold them in place… but today went & got the command strips & velcro dots.


    Put the Command strips down on the floor, and then halved/quartered the velcro dots & stuck those on the back/plastic side of the puppy pads… and then basically laid them down like carpet tiles, all over the areas of the (thank goodness, laminate!) floor, where Lily has access…


    We now have a white “tile” floor going on, but no one’s going to slip if they walk on the puppy pads, AND the dog & cat won’t slide them *everywhere* when I’m at work tomorrow😉

    And this way, all I need to do, is lift up the ones Lil goes on, and drop in new squares, until I can get that appointment booked (and get her some puppy diaper-covers tomorrow afternoon!).


    I got her both pull-ups and depends incontinence underwear (just cut an “x” for her tail), but the pull-ups slide off, and so do the incontinence briefs, if I’m not home, so floor-covering of puppy pads was the best other option!

    • You are a genius! Good luck!

      • Thanks Meg!

        It didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped (the cat scrambled across the floor & broke LOTS of them free🙃

        So tonight I’m laying down a cheap (plastic) painting drop cloth & small tarp underneath the pads,to see if that works any better…

        Lil has an appointment,but the soonest I can get her in at our vet is Thursday in the early afternoon.


        I DID get the diaper covers, buuuut I don’t know how well they’ll work, since she’s been needing to go out every 2-3 hours, and I work 6.5…

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